Maranatha! Our Lord Come

Reginald Showers is an author published by Friends Of Israel. He writes some excellent stuff. I just finished reading Maranatha! A definitive study of the rapture of the church.

It truly was. He took stuff from just about every book of the Bible to build his doctrine of the rapture. It was truly an exhaustive study. Brilliant work, in my opinion. He makes a solid case for the pre-trib rapture and shows the reliability of the doctrine.

The only drawback of the book is that it’s about as dry as the air in my home in January. Goodness, tough sledding. Took me quite some time to push through this one. I think I read about 7 other books while reading this one.

However, if you are interested in the doctrine, you must read this book. If you aren’t interested in this doctrine, you should be, so read this book. Well worth the effort.

You should also read There Really is a Difference, which is the definitive work on the distinctions between Dispensational theology and Covenant theology. These two books will not only give you tremendous insight, they’ll keep you busy for awhile.

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