Jimmy Breslin is very disappointed with the Catholic Church! He is investigating some of the charges against various priests and is appalled with the church’s response. One priest just sent a letter saying basically, hey, I messed up, please forgive me.

One lady tried committing suicide four times before she was able to get help and realized that these horrible things had happened to her that she couldn’t let go but her kid mind tried to get rid of. She also has HIV now thanks to the priest who molested over 100 kids. She is now a director of a hospital treating HIV victims.

It’s sick, it really is. Hard to know what to say beyond that. Sick.

On top of that he recounts seeing a priest sanctify a cemetery by turning like a sprinkler spraying holy water and various other ridiculous things. Even more sick that people are being led into believing they are eternally secure because they go to mass every week. For some time the Catholic Church said not attending mass or not paying attention is an unforgivable sin and guilty ones will go to hell.

Perhaps people would come and pay attention if they didn’t cover up the exciting message of grace. Perhaps making church boring and irrelevant is a bigger sin than not going to a church that is!

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