One problem you will run into by claiming that signs, wonders or miracles are proof of your faith is that all religions can say this. Most religions have healing people, speaking in tongues or other such “signs” that they point to to prove their faith.

Back in the Reformation days when people were beginning to get tired of the monopolistic Catholic religion, the Catholic Church used signs as proof that they were right! Not only that, they pointed to their own signs and then asked Luther and the boys where their signs were! The Catholic Church pointed to icons that cried, healings that took place and also how their icons duplicated themselves–apparently why there are now 5.6 billion pieces of the cross floating around, see because the wood from the cross reduplicated itself and for a minor cost you can have your own!

The Reformers, God bless them, had a great answer. Do you know how they answered where the powerful proof was for their beliefs? The Bible. They quoted Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.” Amen!

Be careful not to exchange the true miracle of salvation for false miracles that may impact you for a day or two but then leave you yearning for more. Rest in the eternal peace of Christ rather than the roller-coaster of finding more and more and more proof in outward form.


A few weeks ago I did a sermon on signs and wonders in relation to the plagues on Egypt. Signs, wonders or miracles–all the same thing when you look at the definition of the Greek words–were used to 1) reveal something from God or 2) to cause or bring judgment. If God is not revealing anything or judging anything, there will be no signs. If there is a sign, God is revealing or judging something.

In this age of grace, God is no longer revealing anything–the Bible is complete–and is not judging anything. Therefore, the logical conclusion is–there are no signs currently taking place.

The problem people have with this is that they have experiences that don’t seem to back this up. I have even had experiences that made me wonder. But hey, what are we to trust? We walk by faith not by sight.

I am reading Seven Convincing Miracles (on sale for 99 cents!) by Erwin Lutzer. He is talking about the seven signs John describes in his gospel and how they were written to show that Jesus is the Son of God–revealing something. However, Ole Erwy has struggles because of experience, he doesn’t want to put God in a box, so he always leaves open room that signs will occur.

Here’s the deal though, is he putting God in a box, or did God voluntarily choose to put Himself in a box by saying He wasn’t going to do something? In the past God also said He would never again destroy the world by a flood, are we putting God in a box if we believe that or is that just what God said?

Believing what the Bible says is not putting God in a box, it’s finding the parameters of the box God put Himself in as He moves through His eternal plan.

You might want to sit down for this one, maybe get a box of Kleenex. After 43 years of dating Ken and Barbie are breaking up. I know, I know. I’ll give you a minute to compose yourself.

The marketers behind the move said that perhaps Barbie is too busy seeing as how she has 90 careers, or maybe she got too smart for Ken, or maybe she just didn’t want to be tied down.

However, in the works is Barbie’s new boyfriend, Blaine, an Australian beach bum. She’s trading up apparently. Yeah. I don’t even know what to say about it other than, that’s weird.

When I was a kid my mother banned all Barbie material from my sister, it was assumed rightly that Barbie would not enter my life. My mother is looking very intelligent. I’m not sure why we can’t just have Raggedy Ann and Andy, why do we have to allow dolls to imitate life? Can’t our kids just be left alone to imagine things? Anyway, whatever. Just thought you should know.

Also, one other note about Barbie, if you do an internet search for “Jeff Weddle” you will notice that there is a Jeff Weddle out there who is an avid Barbie collector. For the record, it’s not me. Seriously, it’s not. My mother would ban me if it was. No really. It’s not.

Hey, it’s funny. Look at number 25! Hard to say Favre is the toughest though since everytime he experiences pain he gets drunk and pops pain pills, or is that just the Bear Fan in me speaking?

I just finished reading The Da Vinci Code. It was a good read, enjoyed it and I usually don’t enjoy fiction that much. However, there were some disturbing things in there.

I had heard that this book was bugging lots of Christians, I can see why. It casts dispersions on the Bible, the Church and Jesus Christ. It seems as if the author, Dan Brown, has some “issues” with the Church, particularly his target seems to be the Catholic church. And, to be honest, he has a point in some respects.

The destructive thing about it is that he uses church history and then blends it with fiction. It’s hard to tell where the fact stopped and the fiction started. Lots of misinformed people could be led astray with this stuff. However, they should remember where they bought the book–in the FICTION section.

It was also interesting to read it and think about where he gets lost. How well do you know where your Bible came from? How well do you know church history? How well can you defend your beliefs in Jesus Christ? If someone who read this book asked you to defend the things he brought up, what would you say? Perhaps this book will do more to inspire conversation and biblical analysis, which aint all bad.

In earth shaking Christian news, the General Synod of the Church of England did a study and found out that the three wise men may not have been men and maybe not even wise.

Quoting from the article:

“Changing ‘Wise Men’ to ‘Magi’ seems to be an entirely sensible move,” the Synod spokesman said. The revision committee said: “While it seems very unlikely that these Persian court officials were female, the possibility that one or more of the Magi were female cannot be excluded completely.”

So anyway, we can all rest easier now. I am so glad they are tackling these important issues. This will no doubt edify us all.