There is a proposed new reality show in the works, “Amish in the City” where Amish teenagers will be moved into the city and confronted with temptation for the “first time.” This idea is from the same people who wanted to do a Beverly Hillbiliies type reality show taking rural hicks and putting them in the city. That show was squashed because rural lobbying groups protested.

One would think the Amish would protest this show on many different levels. However, the director of the show said, and I quote, “the Amish don’t have much of a lobbying group.” So that’s nice, we can pick on them because they can’t defend themselves. Don’t you just love our new caring and respectful to religions society?


Marge Schott died yesterday. She used to be the owner of the Cincinnati Reds who got herself in trouble on more than one occasion. She once called her black baseball players “niggers” and had some Nazi paraphanelia. She was never one to hold back saying what she thought.

The problem is, what she thought was complete idiocy! But in this country of ours we have a thing called freedom of speech. Not only is this freedom for normal people, it’s also for complete idiots! If you censor speech on the idiot fringe you will also end up censoring speech on the “smart” end.

Freedom to speak does not imply freedom to make you listen. She played out her thoughts in public and she dealt with her consequences. Idiot–yes; exercising her constitutional rights–yes. If idiots were not allowed to speak, I’d have to shut up first!

I was looking at an encyclopedia of evolution yesterday and in it they had articles on the Piltdown man, the Cardif Giant and the Tasada tribe. When each of these things was “discovered” they “proved” evolution. After further review, however, each of these things was discovered to be a hoax.

Anytime people’s faith must be backed up by physical evidence, look out! it doesn’t matter if it’s faith in God, evolution, or the Green Bay Packers–you will always be able to distort reality to back up your faith.

However, anytime reality proves your faith–your faith ceases to be faith. Every person needs to be careful in this matter and especially Christians–those who actually have the truth. Let’s be careful not to sell out for “proof” that our faith is real. You either believe it or you don’t.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield have all received steroids from a certain place which is getting busted for distributing steroids.

Well, I guess I’m not surprised and I imagine I won’t be surprised when other people get busted too. What it does is it really deligitimizes a lot of accomplishments. If Bonds gets busted all his records will be tainted. Even if he leaves the substances and gets clean and does well, who would trust him?

It certainly proves the point that our reputation carries a lot more weight then what we do. Granted, what we do makes up our reputation, but if you mess up bad enough no matter what you do after, you in trouble.

I suppose the world in general probably won’t care. They’ll fine the guys, or maybe they won’t even be able to prove they took any. It’ll all blow over and we’ll go back to normal soon. But, it’s one more reason not to trust what’s going on in the world. One more reason to be cynical. Sure will be nice to leave this place!

Life is made up of extremes. Every time we make a choice we are joining one of the extremes. Recently I have been examining my choices and my extremes and wondering if they are consistent with scripture. The problem I kept running into was that I could prove or disprove each extreme! That was not very helpful.

But it lead me to further thinking which got me pondering what is so bad about extremes? Perhaps two extremes can both be right when properly applied. For example–fight or flight. Is it better to stay and win a battle or is it better to run away? In certain cases you should fight; in others you should run. Those who always run are cowards; those who always fight are bullies.

The Christian life seems full of extremes, two things which don’t seem consistent and yet are–we lead by serving, we live by dying, etc. Christian doctrine follows the same idea–old and new nature, flesh and spirit, good and evil, etc. Jesus said that “no man can serve two masters.” Why two? Because there are always two extremes.

Many have gotten sick of extremists–people who are sold out to their side and see no reason for leaving it–and in reaction have developed a centrist position. I’m not sure being a little bit of both extremes is an answer. I recently read the following quotes in Philip Yancey’s book Reaching for the Invisible God.

“Most heresies come from espousing one opposite at the expense of the other.”

Philip Yancey

“Christianity got over the difficulty of combining furious opposites, by keeping them both, and keeping them furious.”

G. K. Chesterton

“Truth is not in the middle, and not in one extreme, but in both extremes.”

Charles Simeon

It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this conclusion. Christianity is supposed to be a struggle. It’s supposed to keep a fair amount of doubt. When we are weak He is made strong. If you are struggling and unsure, you are right where God wants you!

The big Oscars were on last night. I saw absolutely none of it. Nothing is funnier than a bunch of people who all do the same thing sitting around congratulating each other for doing the same thing. Who cares?

I wonder what it is that makes people feel like they should be rewarded for what they do? Hmm. I could never figure that one out. Why would it be that we work and work and then expect to be rewarded? I have no idea.

All of these awards shows are a foreshadowing of the time we’re going to have in heaven when we all sit around congratulating each other getting our awards for the work we’ve done. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. I’m looking forward to that award’s ceremony and I’ll skip most of the ones here on earth for the drivel they are!

Yesterday at the Awana Quizzing, I heard the lady up front tell us that, “It’s too bad we don’t have trophies for you all, you were all winners. You know, in God’s eyes you’re all winners.”

Now, I know, I have a bad attitude, but still, give me a break here. First of all, we’re not all winners, if we were we would have all won. Instead, there is only one first place, which means, by definition, that no one else won.

Not to mention that this is a complete insult to the teams that actually studied and put forth the necessary effort to win. The winning team learns by this that all that extra effort to win was a waste because even those who didn’t try were winners in God’s eyes. How rude.

Second of all, who is she to tell me what God thinks? Why would God think I was a winner if I just came in last place? Granted, He sees me as a winner in Christ, we have the victory, we are overcomers, etc. But when it comes to this little contest here, I don’t think God considers us all to be winners. Perhaps there were some kids there who didn’t even care or study, does He think they are winners?

The lack of competition in Christian circles has always bothered me. I think winning and losing teach us so much that to minimize the lessons of losing by saying we’re winners is a travesty. I have learned more by losing and being made fun of than all my winning combined. I say, mock the loser, maybe next time they’ll try harder! How about a little Christian booing every once in awhile?!

If we can’t learn to win in a stupid little contest, how will we learn to win the good fight of faith?