In earth shaking Christian news, the General Synod of the Church of England did a study and found out that the three wise men may not have been men and maybe not even wise.

Quoting from the article:

“Changing ‘Wise Men’ to ‘Magi’ seems to be an entirely sensible move,” the Synod spokesman said. The revision committee said: “While it seems very unlikely that these Persian court officials were female, the possibility that one or more of the Magi were female cannot be excluded completely.”

So anyway, we can all rest easier now. I am so glad they are tackling these important issues. This will no doubt edify us all.


My attention has just been pointed to this article about a new book called The Epidemic. It discusses kids and how parents are no longer encouraged or taught how to raise kids so they become mature. Sounds interesting.

Dr. Atkins died of heart problems and was obese according to his health records. He had a history of heart complications. Hmm, never would have guessed that the guy who said to eat steak and bacon would be obese and have heart problems.

Our pals in France just voted to ban head scarves, skull caps and crucifixes from all people in public schools. Since France is more of a socialist place, that shouldn’t really surprise us. We take our freedom of religion for granted here, but it aint like that in most places.

The fact that they did this vote means little in all reality. However, we should be aware of the growing move out there to relegate religion to the home. Which again, aint all bad in my mind but there is also a danger involved. A danger which will inevitably lead to the one world religion which is tied in with the one world government. Perhaps I’m sounding conspiratorial and black helicopter like, but that isn’t it.

Our Bible says that our religion will consist of what politicians tell us our religion is, which is why we need to be wary anytime any politician brings up religion–ole Thomas Jefferson had it right–keep them seperate! Even though banning religious symbols from French schools is not the end, it’s one more example of the growing hostility between the two powers in the world–religious and political. We’re getting closer every day. Are you ready?

The last three years when I went down to IL in February, my sister has asked me to speak at her JV club. For whatever reason, I have agreed to do it. So this year was no exception.

The problem with jr. high kids is that they are too weird. I never feel like I should be talking to them, they give you that look that says, “You are such a loser, I don’t know why I’m granting you this time.”

This year, not only did they have the jr. high crowd but they invited the high school group too. Great, even better. High schoolers don’t just give you the look, they come right out and say what the jr. high look says.

I was speaking about Moses and how there are a lot of tough things we are called to do in life and we find excuses but God is with us so we need to stick to it and do the tough things–like being holy or seperate–not always following but taking a stand for right.

As I was illustrating excuse making, in comes four high school kids dressed in Goth–white faces, trench coats, etc. The whole room of kids erupts as they apparently know these kids from school. After getting everyone settled down, they sit for about two minutes and then get back up and walk out, explaining to me on the way out that they have to take one of them home now.

I did my best to ridicule them on their way out, but they didn’t seem to care much. Idiots. It was all very ironic. It was also very discouraging because so many times I speak about things and as soon as I’m done or during the speaking people will totally do the opposite thing of what was said. It gives you a hopeless feeling.

But at the same time, we are called to speak the truth not to make people do it. The little Goth guys heard the truth for two minutes, two minutes more than they would have heard if they hadn’t interrupted. Who knows, that’s why we leave it up to God.

Attended my dad’s church yesterday, Central Bible Church in Aurora, IL. They had the men’s choir from Pacific Garden Mission there as well as a sermon by PGM’s minister Pastor McNeill. It was very interesting.

Most think of PGM as a homeless shelter or for the Christian radio program Unshackled. But I was amazed to see how much other stuff they do. Check out their web site.

Saturday evening I went and saw Miracle about the 1980 Olympic hockey team. I must say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time. It was also very inspirational and uplifting which is nice in a movie. And, it did not have the typical sports movie corniness.

Miracle did a great job of showing how a coach can mold a team and give them the qualities needed for victory. It showed the power of dedication and commitment. And, you can’t forget about the celebration which ensued when they did the impossible.

When ever I see these inspirational sporting things it makes me dread being a Cub fan, but it also points me to remember the celebration we are going to have in heaven, it demonstrates for us the power of having a powerful Coach who knows what He is doing, it gives hope that our enemy, who always seems to win, will finally get beat for good.

Paul talks about–this one thing I do, I bring my body under subjection, fight the fight, run the race with patience, press toward the mark, etc. One of the most important things we can teach our kids is the pride and dedication that happens with winning. To teach them dedication in minor things (sports, school, work, etc) helps them do it in the major thing (Christianity).

Instead, most Christian types, down any sort of earthly ambition. We should all sit around and pray. But read Paul sometime, you don’t get that idea from him. We have earthly ambition which is based on our heavenly calling. There is work to do here, and it requires dedication and commitment to get it done. So let’s do it.