An article under the “it’s better to turn the other cheek” category, a male student at a New York high school has been busted for threatening to blow up the white house and kill President Bush.

However, the way he did it was to log in to the school computer as a girl, his ex-girlfriend, and write these emails in her name. He was getting back at her for dumping him.

His lawyer’s defense in part consists of, “there was a female involved here.” Ah, say no more.


Reading another J. C. Ryle book and came across this quote which struck me as interesting. “Custom is the nurse of sin.”


I believe that means that habits make sin stay healthy in our life. When we do the same things the same way it keeps our sins coming at a regular interval. People are creatures of habit, we sit in the same spot in church. We make our sermons the same way, etc. The longer we live, the more entrenched our sins become. As we grow stronger our sin does too.

Change is good. But even in change, we’ll just develop new sins! We can’t win. But thank God for the victory in Christ who makes all things new and renews day by day.

Habits are good sometimes, unless they are bad.

I wonder why people don’t quote me like they do Ryle?

Not long ago we checked out the DVD from the library of Left Behind, the movie version of the tacky Christian series on the Tribulation. I thought the books were the pinnacle of tacky, wrong-o.

I remember as a kid they had these posters of what it will look like when the rapture comes. There were people in white robes floating up through the sky as down on earth lawnmowers ran rampant and cars slammed into each other and dogs with no one holding their leashes ran amok.

There’s a bit of a problem I have with the notions portrayed above. In each case–the Left Behind movie and the corny poster–the whole world seems to fall apart as people suddenly disappear. However, if you look to scripture you find a totally different picture. Imagine that, a movie is wrong.

Luke 18:8 “When the Son of man cometh, will He find faith on earth?” In other words when Jesus comes, there probably won’t be that many here waiting anyway. Look at the biblical history–when God wiped out the earth with a flood, how many righteous ones were there–Noah and his family. What about Sodom and Gomorrah–Lot and his two girls. That’s it.

God is a God of patience, infuriatingly long patience at that. He’s going to wait as long as possible to give every person a chance. The longer He waits, the more people will grow impatient and chalk up the Bible as irrelevant. Unfortunately, what this means for you and me–you might as well plan on living out your 70 years.

On the other hand, I’ve been wrong before! Even so, come quickly!

Tonight at Thursday Night Bible Study we’re discussing Romans 8:13, “mortify the deeds of the flesh.” In other words–how do you stop sinning? The Bible gives you the answer.

That answer isn’t easy, of course, but it is the answer. If you struggle with sin, and who doesn’t, this is vital information.

I know it’s April Fool’s day, but this is no joke. This is a real fool, the genuine article.

You can now purchase a Bible with real flames that shoot out of it. I’m serious, check it out. There’s even a video you can watch with a guy reading from James in his kitchen. If you listen carefully you can hear the camera man snickering in the background. You can get one yourself for only $49.95.

Unbelievable. It doesn’t surprise me Mel Gibson made $30 million on us.

If you don’t think Satan is the god of this world, here is undeniable proof–Daylight Savings Time. It always occurs on a Sunday morning. And it always occurs that someone, and often many someones, will miss church because of it.

Why couldn’t they do it on a Saturday morning? Better yet, why not on a work day so people get to miss work? Better yet, scrap the whole thing. It is amazing how many stupid things are in this world and how many of them directly interfere with what God is trying to do.

One of the problems in Christian faith is our willingness to cash it in for something we can see. We take an example or verse from Scripture and turn it into our own personal plan to manipulate God. One of the areas I have heard Christians abuse is fasting.

Jesus told the disciples, who were having trouble casting out a demon, that “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” I remember a guy telling me he was praying for a friend and his friend was getting worse. So he fasted to see if it was a demon, but he still kept getting worse.

A man in China is attempting to break the recently set record for fasting by going 49 days without food. He’s a Buddhist. I wonder how many of his prayers will be answered? It takes more than outward show to impress God or change His plans. Be careful not to get sucked into outward displays of a hoped for inward reality.