I am reading Infinite Loop about Apple computers and its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak. Steve Jobs is the guy who gets all the credit but all he does is take advantage of people. Yet at the same time, he’s a genius because he’s innovative and is able to make new products get done. But at the same time he’s a creep!

Since he made his success by taking advantage of people and stabbing people in the back, he’s very paranoid. This then made Apple Computers a very paranoid company which is why they missed the internet and also stayed aloof of other operating systems and have become a niche market more or less. Although they make great innovative products, they’re so paranoid they can’t market them right and have everything stolen away.

Steve Jobs shows the truth of “you reap what you sow.” He’s so worried that someone will treat him like he treats others that he can’t remain stable enough to make things really work right.

Maybe Jesus was right–do unto others as you would have them do to you, it’s gonna happen anyway so you might as well be nice. At least then you don’t have to be paranoid and ruin any chance you have of making a huge impact in life.

To make sense of this post, please read the one that comes right after it. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save these photos for posterity. They are hard to find, so I figured I’d make it easy on you. I don’t know why they strike me as so funny, but they are, they just are. Enjoy!

The Pope had a breakdancing performance at the Vatican the other day. The 83 year old pope seemed to enjoy it. Do your best to find a picture of the event. Not that there’s anything wrong with breakdancing, but breakdancing with the pope just didn’t seem like something I was going to see in my life.

In a bit of news which is sure to bring a sense of relief to all of us crackpot Bible believers, a Russian Scientist has determined that Moses’ crossing of the Red Sea was a scientific possibility. If a strong enough wind had blown in the right spot on a shallow reef the crossing was possible. What a relief that is to know.

The Russian scientist failed to explain how the entire Egyptian army drowned on that very same shallow reef.

Philippians 3:13 Paul says, “this one thing I do.” The way to become notable and or succesful and or useful in life is to have “one thing.” People of many things can be helpful people but rarely become well-known helpful people! In order for Paul to make the biggest mark on the world for Jesus Christ, he had to be a man of one thing.

Christianity struggles with its one thing. Our one thing is Paul’s one thing–the prize of the high calling–heaven–the Gospel. Instead, Christians like to focus on physical things, things where you can see whether you are making a difference or not. So we protest the location of a monument to the Ten Commandments, we protest abortion, we protest rock music, we boycot Disney, we write angry letters to politicians etc. We become people of many things and thus, the one thing is lost in the crowd.

The reason Paul didn’t protest the world, the reason he didn’t get sucked into paying back those who wronged him and were causing others to sin, is because Paul knew if he did his “one thing” all that would be taken care of! The Gospel is the answer to every problem in life. Instead of protesting the “many” problems, focus on the “one” solution.

Here’s a short article from Christianity Today about how Protestants and Catholics chose their books of the Bible, sort of. A relevant topic to the recent Anti-Itch Meditations about what is in our Bibles.

This article gives us a little bit of hope, even if it is from the Christian Science Monitor. If pastor’s have to be the last bastion of hope for the sanctity of marriage, then so be it!