Thomas Sowell is a brilliant economist. You should definitely find and read his book Basic Economics. In a recent column he said the following,

“Those who want to take our money and gain power over us have discovered the magic formula: Get us envious or angry at others and we will surrender, in installments, not only our money but our freedom. The most successful dictators of the 20th century — Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao — all used this formula and now class warfare politicians here are doing the same.”

Every politician promises to create jobs, leave no child behind, bring us all out of poverty, etc. They plan on doing this by taking all our money and redistributing it, which used to be called “socialism” and now is called “the way it is.” In order to get us to voluntarily allow our money to be stolen, they incite us with hate so we feel as though having our money taken from us is virtuous–hurting the enemy.

The danger of this is that hate is not a Christian virtue! The older generation rips on the younger generation and the younger rips on the older. Why? Because the younger have their money stolen so the older can play golf and the older know they are living off the younger so they feel guilty so they have to find fault with the younger. This leads to division. It is also ironic that as this trend is happening, our churches are splitting into “traditional” and “contemporary” services–read “old” and “young.” It only makes sense based on what’s happening in our culture.

We must be very careful to maintain our Christian virtues which sneak away if you’re not paying attention.

I got to get me some of these. It’s amazing what they can invent. Pretty soon they are going to outlaw our thoughts–isn’t that what this is? Makes you wonder.

Seeing as it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it seems important to know what he said. The best written content of King’s ideas is found in his Letter From Birmingham Jail. Not only is it important for U. S. history, civil rights and other things, it’s interesting to see his Biblical view of the situation.

However, King was a man like the rest of us. His use of Scripture is not always, uh, right. And his call to judge men according to their character seems to put him in shady light as he carried on an adulterous relationship much of his career. When bad is bad, it’s bad no matter how bad the guy is who points out the bad! All we can do is be informed and line up things with the truth of God’s word.

As the political scene is gearing up for elections and the ever exciting Hawkeye Cauci is happening this evening, it is interesting to watch the intensity and emotion which is put into the events.

I saw a blurb on some folks who came from Kansas City and Arkansas to go work for one of the Democrat guys in Iowa for the caucus. They were going from house to house and apparently converted a man to vote for their candidate. As they left the house they gave each other high fives and were celebrating their victory.

I wonder what would happen if Christians took the same intensity and emotion into pushing their Savior as people pushing candidates? These current candidates will follow the path of all candidates–passing on into history doing next to nothing beneficial! Whereas our Lord will last for eternity and benefit all who come to Him. Just wondering.

The last book I read that really made an impression on me was Moneyball by Michael Lewis. Although this is a book about baseball, it covers ideas that impact all areas of life.

The Oakland A’s are a small market baseball team and yet they remain competitive. Lewis discusses how they manage to do this–by looking at baseball in a new way, a way which most old-timers refuse to acknowledge as legitimate. But after several years of winning baseball, it’s hard to refute the results.

It got me to thinking about how I think about church, Christianity and how we impact our world. Have we fallen into doing things just because that’s how others do them? Is “doing church” just one more example of following the path of least resistance or are we actively “fighting the fight?”

Read the book. Let me know what you think about the A’s and why the stupid Cubs can’t copy them. Consider your life, are you following the crowd or finding the best way to live for Christ? What about our church? Hmm…

Since I know there are so many people out there just dying to hear what I have to say, I decided to start this web log to share my thoughts on life. Often I come across good things in my web browsing and reading and thought this would be a good way to convey them. I hope you find something here of benefit and enjoyment.