Real Repentance

Just read this: “Real repentance is hilariously exciting.”

Wow. What?

The context said when you repent you get into fellowship with God, you let God be God in your life. This is true repentance and this is hilariously exciting.

That seems an awful happy spin on the word. All the usages of the word “repent” or “repentance” in the Bible don’t come anywhere near expressing hilarity nor excitement.

What are people thinking out there? The cutesifying of Christianity has sent more people to hell than atheism or liberal politicians.

Malcolm Gladwell on Joseph

It frequently annoys me to see books address Bible subjects and completely botch what the Bible actually says. I found another one yesterday in Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Outliers.

In writing about the common notion that famous people pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps through pluck and determination, he lists Joseph as an example and says,

“In the Bible, Joseph is cast out by his brothers and sold into slavery and then rises to become the pharaoh’s right hand man on the strength of his own brilliance and insight.”

Sort of an unfortunate example by my Book.

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