Book Reading Service

You know that one woman at church that reads those weird Christian books and gives them to you to read? The books that “really blessed her?”

The kind of book you dread taking and smilingly saying “thank you” for? The kind of theological book you’d rather poke your eye out with a toothpick than read?

I will read it for you. Make notes on it, tell you what the book was about, and send you a report. Then you’ll be able to talk about the book when that one woman asks you about it.

You know that really dense theological book you’ve started to read four times and have never finished but you’d really like to know why so many people like it even though you can never get past the first two chapters?

I will read it for you, make notes on it, and summarize the content so you sound informed and smart.

You know that one book you read that one time and now you wish you remembered if it were any good?

I will read it for you, make notes in it, and let you know if it was any good.

You know that one book you’re just not quite sure about?

I will read it for you, make notes throughout, write a report on it, to help you know if you’re sure about it or not.

Perhaps you have a book you’d just like to know my thoughts on.

I will read it, make notes, write a paper, and fill you in on my thoughts on it.

You know that one book you think would be funny to make me read, cuz it’s so awful?

I will even read that one and will be much delighted to make snide remarks in the margins throughout.

Here’s how it works:

Send me an email about a “Christian” non-fiction book that you would like me to read. If it passes my test of readability (see below), I will agree to read and comment on it.

Then send me the book along with $10. I will read the book and make notes in it for your perusal. I may even write a summary paper on it if there is a specific issue you’d like addressed. I will then return the book to you via mail, taking postage out of your $10, and I will pocket the rest for my services.

If you eliminate the need for postage, I will only charge $5.

Send me an email of a book you’d like me to read now and we can get the process started.

Here is an example:

Not long ago a seminary student had to write a paper on a theological book. She wanted me to read it and give some notes on it to help her analyze the book and have some material from which to write the paper.

I agreed. She sent me a used copy of the book. I read the book, making notations in the book, as well as writing a one page summary on the specific thing she was to write her paper about. I sent the book back. Process done!

Send me an email of a book you’d like my comments on now and we’ll get the process started.

Books I won’t read:

Send an email first and wait for my approval before sending me a book to read. Here are the following criteria upon which I will reject a proposed book:

–It’s one I’ve already read and have no desire to read again
–It’s not a theological topic of interest to me at the time
–It doesn’t qualify as theological or Christian
–I don’t like your tone of voice
–I’m just not feeling it, man

So, send an email now, suggest a book, give it a shot, and we’ll go from there.

Thank you!


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