Are Fake Christians Your Problem?

So, you’ve discovered Christianity is fake. Nice job. Welcome to the club.

Now what? What’s the alternative plan? What thing in this world is going to not be fake enough for you?

Let me guess: it’ll be the one thing you wanted to do all along anyway!

Yes, yes, I know, everyone in church is fake. Here’s an insight for you: you are the fake someone else left the church over.

What if you were part of the fake problem?

1 John 2:19 says that “they went out from us, but they were not really of us.”

John said there were certain fake people in the church (if you knew the Bible you would know there were fake people in the church, this isn’t rocket science, God told ya!) who eventually left the church. The fact that they left shows they weren’t ever part of it.

So, dear friend who left the church because the people were fake, the fact that you left the church shows that you were one of the fake ones.

Make sure you get that. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m pointing out Scripture.

As long as other people are your excuse, as long as other people are the problem, you will remain in your sin and ultimately be unfulfilled.

Oh, I know, you’ll enjoy your sin for a season. It will seem nice for a while, not being shackled to rules and whatnot, being able to sleep in on Sunday mornings, etc. But you’ll be empty.

You’ll be empty and yet tell people you are fulfilled. You’ll be fake, just like you were when you were in the church. New game; same rules.

You are your problem.

Yes, there are bad people out there who do bad things, and yes some of those bad people are in churches doing those bad things. I know the church. I‘m well aware.

But no matter what evil thing I or anyone else does in the church or as a Christian, it does not take care of your soul.

Where will you go? Jesus asked Peter that question. Many fake disciples left Jesus (another passage letting you know there are fake people around Christianity) and Jesus asked Peter if he would leave to.

Peter’s beautiful answer was, “Where else can we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

So, I ask you the same question: where will you go? Where is this bastion of non-fake you dream of?

Socialism? Environmentalism? Science? Politics? Business? Meditation?

Good luck with that. You’ll soon find loads of fake there too if you pay attention, which I encourage you to do. You were smart enough to find fake among Christians. That’s a good start. Use that same skepticism and you’ll find the fake everywhere.

Take care of the fake in you, because if you don’t, wherever you go for non-fake you will ruin by bringing your fake into it. Do you really believe in your new group and cause? Or is it just the thing you’re playing that isn’t Christianity?

I know, you bought all the books on meditation and you’ve read and studied and analyzed your new fake life. You’ve invested in it and let everyone know by your talk and your dress what your new fake group is.

It’s nice that you found a group that will support you in your fake. It’s nice you’ve found a group that says your particular batch of sins you enjoy are actually ok.

But what happens when that fake burns you?

Because it will.

If fake bothers you that much, I assume you’re most bothered by your own fake.

If you’re not bothered by your own fake, then stop using fakeness as your reason for leaving people. It apparently doesn’t bother you that much.

No one else is your problem. Others may not have helped as they could have, some legitimately harmed you. I’m not excusing any of that. It’s real stuff.

But real stuff requires real answers and it requires a real you.

You are right to be bothered by fake. Now do fake you.

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