Angels are not Fat Flying Babies

Satan is a deceiver. His main goal is to diminish the glory of what God has made glorious.

You can see that with Satan himself. He was an angel of immense gory, yet he chose to rebel and diminish his glory. His existence ceases to give God glory.

Beyond that, Satan wants to diminish your understanding of his glory even more so you won’t take him seriously. That’s why there are so many cartoon images of Satan as a red beast with horns and a pitchfork ruling hell. He’s a cartoon character. You might dismiss him like Santa Claus.

Satan wants you to think of God as a senile old man floating in the clouds, or to view God as an impersonal, uncaring force.

Look what he does to humanity, creations made in the image of God! All his lies and sin destroy people. Our sin kills us. It distorts the image of God. Satan’s point in attacking you is so God’s glory would be covered up with your grossness.

Then there are angels. Angels always make me think of old ladies with Precious Moments fat baby angels, or fat, flying baby Cupid shooting arrows through people’s hearts.

Yet when you see angels described in the Bible, or when people in the Bible see angels, they are blown away. Isaiah 6 has impressive angels that look nothing like fat flying babies. Joshua sees an angel with a sword and immediately falls to the ground. John is corrected by an angel when John falls in worship before him.

People don’t worship fat, flying babies.

Angels have been stereotyped in imagery but also in function. Angels do not guard you from tripping. Angels are on missions from God to accomplish things on this earth. Much of what they do is unseen and will remain so.

The Bible gives us fleeting glimpses of angelic activity. I don’t know what all they are doing currently, but if we saw their activity we would be blown away.

Even demons have been trivialized, again because Satan either wants you to not take them seriously so they can get away with stuff, or completely freak you out so you don’t do stuff.

Stick with Scripture and what it says about Satan, God, humanity, and angels and demons. Most of what you know about them is based more on popular media and goofy traditions. Don’t defend your take on angels with your feelings or what your grandma said. Use Scripture. Get to know these impressive creatures correctly.

One day we will behold them and it is going to be awesome. They will not look like fat flying babies! I’m totally looking forward to this!

2 thoughts on “Angels are not Fat Flying Babies”

  1. A few years ago I started a collection of Bible images from old books, engravings, paintings, etc. It’s on Flickr ( I have a lot more to add to this, as time permits.

    I run into this quite a bit, especially with the Catholic artists. There are even babies heads with wings (no bodies). Some of these images I do not include, but other times I do, in hopes that someone will photoshop out the innappropriate parts.

    There is a lot of misunderstanding in some of the images. Adam and Eve are almost always drawn as naked, even before the fall, yet they had a clothing of light in the creation (Psalm 104:2), as they will have again in the new creation (Dan. 12:3).

    I’ve also found that some of the artists spent a lot of their effort drawing images of Greek mythology. They seemed to have no difficulty switching between Greek mythology and Christian history, and tended to bring the same principles of self-exaltation that are in pagan religions, into their drawings of Christian figures. Hence men like Moses and David are often drawn as very muscular and mostly naked, just as the pagan Greek figures would be drawn.

    Generally speaking, as the centuries moved on from the times of the Reformation, the images did improve, and dropped most of the pagan aspects.

  2. Yes, there are a ton of influences in Christian art and thought that have nothing to do with Scripture. A fascinating study, if not somewhat irritating!

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