Does Taking Communion Forgive Your Sins?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: Not even close.

The idea that taking Communion is a means of grace, an action we do to get sins wiped off our record, is yet another Catholic Church perversion of the Gospel.

Power is the main thing the Catholic Church wanted/wants. It invented doctrines to make sure people were dependent upon them.

Communion became a mysterious rite that required institutional guys to work a supernatural wonder to convert the elements into the literal body and blood of Christ. You can’t do that on your own, bub. You need US!

“Forget that noise” was the response of many people who really didn’t want to go to church. As people began skipping church, the Catholic Higher-Ups had to invent ways to manipulate people to come back. I mean, how else would they make money?

So they began teaching people that all the special churchy things they alone could perform were absolutely necessary for your sins to be forgiven. You don’t want to go to hell do you? Well, come to church where we alone can do special things to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Indulgences were the pinnacle of this. They came right out and just said, “Hey, give us money or you’ll suffer for your sins.” I mean, they just chopped out the middle man of ritual and went straight for the wallet. Unreal.

With the indulgence model in your head, examine everything else the Catholic Church instituted and you’ll get your answer as to why they do what they do.

They want your money. How else will they afford their fancy hats and giant buildings?

We have already looked at all the verses dealing with Communion. Not one of them says “if you eat this bread and drink this cup your sins will be forgiven.”

It’s not there. It’s not even close to being there.

In fact, Communion seems to only be for people whose sins have already been dealt with, because they have a proper understanding and respect for the Gospel that Communion represents.

Faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel is what justifies us. Faith makes us right with God and deals fully with our sin.

Anytime someone says you have to do a thing to get rid of your sins, understand that they want control over you and probably mostly your money. Doing rituals in church may make you feel special, but it does not remove your sin.

I know this because the Bible is clear on how to get your sin taken care of. Doing churchy things isn’t it. The Bible spends quite a bit of ink warning you that false teachers who want your money will tell you to do their things to get right with God.

They are wrong. Again, listen to the Bible. You’ll stand before its Author and give an account someday. By following the traditions of people you are only heaping up judgment on yourselves.

If you listened to people so well, surely you could have listened to God that well. You’re not helping your cause before Him one bit by keeping human tradition. You’re merely adding to your own judgment.

Be careful out there.  

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