Count the Cost of What?

Jesus Christ once told a multitude to “count the cost.”

This was in relation to following Him. Previous to this statement, He said if you don’t hate various family members, deny self, and take up the cross you can’t be His disciple.

So, count the cost.

The reason He said to count the cost is so you won’t be embarrassed when you don’t finish the job.

This was in relation to building a building and a king going to war (click here for the passage). Doing things without considering what you’re doing will make you look dumb.

Jesus Christ does not want you to look dumb.

He tells people up front how difficult it will be to follow Him.

If you follow the Suffering Servant, guess where you’ll end up? I’m going to go with: I’ll end up with suffering service.

If you follow the man of sorrows acquainted with grief, guess where you’ll end up? You’ll end up with sorrow and grief.

This is so out of place in our day. Today’s Gospel tells people that if you believe this cute story about this guy from 2,000 years ago, you’ll have your best life now and when you die you’ll go to heaven.

That’s it.

“Count the cost” is the most ridiculous thing a person could say in relation to today’s “gospel.”

“Count the cost of what? I just get a wonderful plan for my life and then more wonderful after I’m dead. Where’s the cost in that?”

So, we must conclude one of two things:

1) Today’s Gospel is wrong, or
2) Jesus Christ was wrong

I’ve heard people on both sides.

I can tell you for certain which side I’m on!

Today’s Gospel is wrong.

Jesus Christ was, is, and always will be right. He’s also going to be your Judge. Imagine explaining to Him how you didn’t follow Him because you thought He was wrong.

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