Love Believes All Things and Hopes All Things

Love is tough. Love is great when someone shows it to you, but showing it to someone else, boy howdy. it aint easy.

Love covers a multitude of sin. Covering sin, which means to overlook it and act as if they didn’t just offend you, is hard.

It’s way more fun to be a victim, yell and scream, throw a tantrum, and fight for your rights.

What’s harder is to take a beating for no reason.

Love believes all things. How insane is that?!

I know people who lie and break promises all the time. I know better than to believe the words that come out of their mouth. Is love supposed to believe liars?

After believing all things in 1 Corinthians 13, we’re told that love hopes all things.

Hope is about the future, that something better is coming.

Perhaps these go together.

OK, I know this guy is lying, so I can’t believe what he’s telling me, so now I shift to hope. Perhaps this time he’ll be true. Perhaps he’ll repent at some point, maybe even because of my loving response to him, and stop lying soon. Or maybe it goes beyond to see what reason there is that this person is untrustworthy, maybe there’s a legitimate reason they are letting me down.

Adam Clarke has this to say about it:

When there is no place left for believing good of a person, then love comes in with its hope, where it could not work by its faith; and begins immediately to make allowances and excuses, as far as a good conscience can permit; and farther, anticipates the repentance of the transgressor.

I think that is well said.

Love basically gives people the benefit of the doubt. Chill. Relax. Remember that you lie too. Remember that you sin and let others down too. You have no problem defending and excusing your own sin!

Why do you think you are so good at justifying your own sin? Perhaps it’s because you love yourself?!

That’s exactly why. If you love others, you’ll begin to lighten up about their faults. Love your neighbor as yourself. You’ll be quicker to forgive, just as God, who is love, is quick to forgive.

Love gives people a break. Stop being Perfect in your own mind and outraged at other people’s faults. You aint perfect; neither are they. Forgive as you’ve been forgiven. Give people a break.

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