How to Get Grace

There are some who read that title and are already ticked off!

“There’s nothing you do to get grace! Grace is God’s undeserved favor. If you did something to get it; then it wouldn’t be grace!”

This is the view of Calvinism and the “I” of their TULIP–Irresistible Grace.

Irresistible Grace says the only way you get grace is if God chooses you to get it. If you win the luck of the draw, God will shove His grace down your throat whether you want it or not.

OK, that was my cynical and not very complimentary definition of Irresistible Grace. It is, however, in essence what it is, just without the theological politeness!

Clearly I do not believe in Irresistible Grace. Grace can be resisted; that’s why there are people in hell.

Saying there is something you do to get grace does not mean we earn grace, merit grace, nor that we worked for grace.

Doing something to get grace merely means we met the conditions upon which grace is granted.

There are several conditions the Bible says we meet to get grace.

First, is faith. We are saved by grace through faith. We believe the Gospel, we believe that Jesus Christ is the only one able to save us. When we believe this, we receive the benefits of God’s grace.

Second, is humility. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Being humble is not a work of the flesh. Humility is knowing your flesh can’t work anything to save itself.

Third, is love. Here I will quote a little quoted verse, Ephesians 6:24, “Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.” If you don’t love Jesus Christ sincerely; no grace for you!

None of this says we earn grace or worked for it. Grace is a beautiful thing. God, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provides everything we need for salvation. This is offered by His grace.

Our response is a faithful, humble, love that is drawn to the humble love Christ demonstrated on the cross. It’s grabbing on to Jesus Christ for salvation in love and faith, completely appreciating and being humbled by His salvation.

This is not a fleshly work that puffs up the fleshly nature. This is simply a realization of who we are and who Christ is, and our desperate need for Him.

There is a reason why some get God’s grace for salvation and some don’t. It’s not luck of the draw either. It’s based on your humble, faithful, and loving reaction to the grace and love of God.

Go get some grace! You need it!

2 thoughts on “How to Get Grace”

  1. Grace seems to be one of the most misunderstood and mistaught aspects of theology. Beware of any reference to grace that adds unbiblical labels to it, such as “irresistible grace”, “prevenient grace”, “common grace”…

    As far as I recall, the only description that I’ve seen scripture giving to grace refers to its abundance.

    Humility is knowing your flesh can’t work anything to save itself

    The definition of humility is also something that seems to be under attack. These days I find it common to hear people say how “humbled” they are when they’ve been given some kind of recognition or award.
    The word is being used almost as the opposite of its real meaning – or at best to express a false humility.

    As soon as someone proclaims how humble they are – they’ve proved otherwise..

  2. Good point. Humbled is different from being honored, the exact opposite in fact.

    I like the term the KJV uses in Colossians 2, “A voluntary humility.” If you are volunteering to be humble, it aint humility! Humility is the root of “humiliation.” No one likes being humiliated, yet that’s what true humility is–being shown to be helpless.

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