How Society Keeps You Irresponsible

People do not like to take responsibility for what they do. Everyone has a desire to do their own thing, and it would be nice if others paid for it.

Irresponsibility would be cool except we have a conscience. We feel bad when we do irresponsible things and others have to pay for it.

So, what to do? Everything within us wants to be irresponsible, and yet something in us tells us irresponsibility isn’t right.

We must find a way to justify our irresponsibility. Society came up with the following justifications for irresponsible behavior:

–Societal constructs and the patriarchal hierarchy force you to do things. You’re a victim of the thinking of others in power.

–Genetics has wired you for behavior, there’s nothing you can do against your genes. You’re a victim of genetics.

–Evolution makes us selfish and this somehow advances our development. You’re a victim of evolutionary forces for the greater good.

–Politics lets us group up with others who are irresponsible like we are. It’s the other party’s irresponsibility that is truly bad. Ours is trying to save the world, man.

You would think that anyone with a biblical mindset would reject these ideas. The Bible tells the truth. Here’s the truth:

We were created in God’s image to do God’s will. God gave us responsibility and we were supposed to be responsible. We decided against it; this was called “sin.” As a result of sin, creation became harder to work with; responsibility got harder, but we were still held accountable for taking responsibility. We don’t like this. Instead of becoming more responsible, we became more sinful and continue to make life harder than it should be.

Our Creator, who still wants us to do His will, came as a human being. The Messiah was responsible and did everything His Father told Him to do, even unto death on the cross. His Father then raised Him from the dead.

We are told that by placing our faith in Jesus Christ, the Messiah, we too will be crucified with Christ and raised up to newness of life. The old irresponsible, sinful, flesh will be crucified with its affections and lusts. Old things will pass away and all things are new. We are created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has always wanted us to do.

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be made responsible. We can be equipped to do God’s will, just like Adam and Eve could before the Fall. It will be hard, as we still have the pull of the irresponsible flesh in us, but as we fight the fight of faith, we should see victory over sin in our lives as we grow into the perfect man Christ Jesus.

That’s the answer to our desire to be irresponsible: Christ can equip us to be responsible again by putting to death the irresponsible old nature and giving us a fully equipped new nature.

But here’s the problem with that: No one really wants to be saved to be responsible!

The pull of sin is so strong in us, who in their right mind would want to be saved if responsibility is the result? Our flesh is fighting for independence so it can continue to do its own thing.

The Gospel is foolishness. The cross is an offense. We’d rather have lies, deception, and stupidity console us than deal with life-transforming truth. So we reject the Gospel and continue to do our own thing, which is largely irresponsible. We still have a conscience, but we’re silencing it, covering it up with the handiest justifications, gathering a group around us to console each other that we’ll be OK.

But Judgment Day is coming and your works are what will be judged. You would think the Church would be interested in reminding people of a coming Judgment of our works, but it isn’t. Because the majority of the institutional church is irresponsible too.

We’re in a fine mess. We’re killing truth and grasping lies. This will not work out well in The End.

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