Claiming Doctrines That Don’t Apply to You

One of the attempts by Christians to avoid doing any good works is to doctrinalize themselves into ambivalence.

Since they know certain doctrinal truths, they assume there is no needs for practical application. Here are a couple examples:

–The Bible says we have been made righteous in Christ, therefore, It does not matter if I do righteous things.

–The Bible says I’m already forgiven, therefore, it doesn’t matter if I sin, it’s already been taken care of.

–The Bible says I have eternal life already, therefore, it does not matter how I live my life down here.

–The Bible says once saved always saved, therefore, there is nothing I can do to lose my salvation, so why worry about changing anything?

All have truth in them, the Bible does say, in my opinion, those doctrinal truths. The doctrines are right; the applications are dreadfully wrong!

There is no denying that a true believer has been made righteous, has been forgiven, is an inheritor of eternal life, and cannot lose their salvation.

The person who says they believe these things and yet continues to live in sin and not make any progress in righteousness, spiritual growth, and sanctification clearly does not understand the intent of these doctrines!

Just because you understand a doctrine does not mean it applies to you!

The Bible holds out tests for whether you are a believer or not. One of them is not how well you can explain doctrine! Most of them have to do with the testimony of your life and the evidence that new spiritual life has taken root in you.

If those tests can’t be passed by you, then those doctrines do not yet apply to you.

If you think being made righteous in Christ and being forgiven means sin is no longer a bad thing, you’re probably not righteous! If you think Christ dying on the cross to forgive you means it’s OK to sin now, you don’t quite get it.

The person who claims to have eternal life and yet clearly lives for life here, does not understand the basis and glory of eternal life.

In other words, anyone can claim these doctrines are true for them, but they only apply to true believers.

The question is not whether these doctrines apply to true believers; the question is whether you are a true believer!

True believers do not turn the grace of God into an excuse for sinful living. True believers understand the Gospel of Christ and desire to grow into the perfect man Christ Jesus.

If you turn the cross of Christ into the thing Jesus did so I can keep sinning, you are not yet a believer in the Gospel.

If you’ve not come to the “O wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from the body of this death?” moment; then whatever it is you think you did in believing the Gospel, was not legit.

The whole point of getting saved is to be released from the power and bondage of sin, not to give you an excuse to stay under sin’s bondage and power!

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