Why Is God So Angry in the Old Testament and so Nice in the New?

One of the ways to tell a person’s lack of familiarity with the actual words of the Bible, is if they think the God of the OT is worse than the God of the NT.

The idea that OT God is worse than NT God is a fairly early idea in Christianity. Marcionism was a heresy within the church around 144. That’s pretty early!

I’d expect people in the Early Church to have some off notions about what’s going on in the NT, since it was fairly new. Everyone was learning what was going on.

But the Church really has no excuse anymore.

Is there more judgmental actions by God in the OT?
Yes there is.

Are there more rules and punishments in the OT?
Yes there are.

Are things like faith, love, and grace mentioned infrequently in the OT?
Yes they are.

Does this mean the God of the OT was more angry, hateful, and judgy?

So, what gives? If God didn’t change, what did?

This is kind of an amazingly simple question to answer, it’s really quite stunning how obvious the answer is.

The first 3/4 of your Bible is called what again? And what is the last 1/4 called?

The thing that changed between the OLD COVENANT (testament) and the NEW COVENANT (testament) was the covenant!

God hasn’t changed one bit throughout all eternity. Not once. He’s consistent, which is why we can and should put our faith in Him.

What has changed is how God deals with people.

The Old Covenant with Israel was pretty brutal. That wasn’t God’s fault, the people agreed to it. God merely did what He told people He would do dependent on what they did.

The New Covenant has less judgment, less anger, and more grace and love on display. The Old Covenant, although not exempt from love and grace (love is the fulfilling of the law, remember), didn’t display these things as much because of the nature of the Old Covenant.

God hasn’t changed. Jesus Christ is not holding God back from killing you like He would’ve before. The God of the OT is not any more angry over sin than He is now.

In the OT, God’s anger was displayed quite frequently because He told them that’s what would happen if they disobeyed. In the NT we are merely treasuring “up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.”

The judgment of the OT was not God’s fault; it was the people’s fault for agreeing to a ridiculous covenant that had no shot of working. God told them not if, but WHEN you break this covenant, wrath will come.

They should have called upon God’s grace by faith and been saved rather than try to rely on their own efforts to be good.

God is the same. The Covenant changed. The covenants make all the difference. Pay attention to them.

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