Trump, Jerusalem, and Your Bible


Last week President Trump announced that the US would move their embassy to Jerusalem, the “capital of Israel.”

This caused quite the stir.

Politically speaking, I’m all for America treating Israel well. They are a valuable ally, and I think some compassion should be shown them due to their precarious position and miserable history. I’d rather side with them than any other nation in the Middle East. I actually like Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, because, duh, it clearly is.

Common sense tells you Jerusalem is the capital. It’s so common sense that a video was put out showing that all our recent presidents acknowledged this:

All recent presidents have promised to do what President Trump actually went ahead and did. It did take guts, whether you agree with it or not.

In all honesty, the desire to not treat Jerusalem as Israel’s capital comes from a humanist, Bible-rejecting worldview. Not saying everyone in that camp is a Bible-rejecting humanist, just saying that’s where this stance comes from.

Physically speaking
, the Bible was written by Jews. It’s mainly about Jews. Your Savior was Jewish. Salvation is of the Jews. All who are of faith have Abraham as their father. They are the tree we are grafted into.

Antisemitism, the foundation for any Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel thinking, exists largely because of the Bible. They have suffered for thousands of years for what we take for granted. They deserve our respect and appreciation.

Unfortunately, many people, mainly Christians, put too much significance on this sort of thing. It’s the mindset that lead to the Crusades: we must fight to regain the Holy Land!

Here’s a gem I came across from President Trump’s rally last Friday.

Speaker at Trump rally: the soon coming King is coming back to Jerusalem because President Trump declared Jerusalem to be capital of Israel

According to the above quote, Donald Trump has allowed the Messiah to return.

Jesus Christ does not need anything to be put in place by anyone to come back. He can just come when He, and/or the Father, wants.

It is important not to mix modern national Israel with the promises of God to Israel.

So, spiritually speaking, we can view all the diplomacy of the US as being without much consequence.

The children of the flesh (racial Israel) are not the children of the promise (those who are of faith).

National Israel today is just a chunk of dirt on the globe. It bears no eternal significance, now that the presence of God has departed the temple.

Israel is a fallen nation of fallen people with fallen leaders just like our country and every other.

These are just geo-political nations that have zero eternal value. Christ does not need US diplomatic permission to return!

Views on Israel can get very frustrating. Lots of confusing positions are taken. Be careful. I think it’s good to break down your view on these Political, Physical, and Spiritual levels. It might help you think things through better.

Rather than wasting breath arguing over Trump, Israel, Jerusalem, or such things, instead listen to Psalm 122:

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

Donald Trump, nor any other leader, will bring lasting peace to Jerusalem. God can and will. All our attempts will merely be more evidence of our great need for the King of Kings to reign.

Christ’s coming will bring peace to Jerusalem.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is praying for Christ to return.

If that doesn’t get you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, I don’t know what will!