The Bible and Big Government

Although the Bible avoids politics, your beliefs about the Bible’s message will shape your political beliefs.

In a humble effort to make a very complex and muddled idea simple(r), and to more than likely offend everyone, let me step in some hot water!

The Bible says human nature is messed up. The heart is wicked and deceptive. The Bible’s solution to this problem is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The wicked heart of humanity cannot be controlled. We must be given a new heart.

Although most Christians would agree in theory with this message (it is the Gospel after all), in practice most Christians don’t believe this one bit.

If the Bible’s message is true and our only hope is to receive a new heart, then we must conclude that other efforts to control the heart will fall short. Thus, we can not put our trust in laws, rulers, governments, or human authorities.

One of the large points of the Bible is the massive section before the New Testament called The Law. The Law was a failure. An external law written on a rock cannot control or change the heart. It doesn’t work.

Therefore, if any time something bad happens you think: They should pass a law! That should be outlawed! You are denying one of the Bible’s main points.

You are probably now thinking, “That’s insane. There should be no laws? People should just do whatever? Isn’t that what lead to the Genesis Flood?”

This is where the issue gets muddled.

The government has been given the authority, according to Romans 13, to bear the sword, to punish evildoers. Law and order are part of society and are based on God’s law.

Yes, we need laws. Yes we need government. We need them because we are all evil and left to our own devices we’d do nasty things.

However, Galatians tells us when the Spirit is at work in us we produce fruit of the Spirit, “Against such there is no law.” Laws are made not for righteous people, but for unrighteous people.

A believer and follower of Christ is not going to be breaking any laws (unless unrighteous people pass laws that make the good evil, and the evil good–which is exactly what happened to Israel when they were under The Law, because Law doesn’t work).

Perhaps you are confused. So, is law good or bad?

Law is fine, unbelievers need a check on their human nature. But law will never solve the problem.

Everyone today wants more laws. We want more behaviors to be controlled by the law. Any time there’s a disaster, we immediately look to government. Gun control will not stop murder. Outlawing abortion will not stop abortion. We’ve already outlawed pretty much everything, and yet people are still doing pretty much everything.

The problem comes, not whether there are laws, but whether you think laws will actually control human nature!

Government is fine and necessary, but it’s not the savior. People don’t need more government and more laws, they need the transforming power of the Gospel. Government and laws can keep sin in check a little bit; the Gospel destroys the desire to sin.

Neither party is following the Bible’s instructions and both are driving for bigger government. Politicians want you to think of them as your savior.

The Book of Revelation says all the government leaders will line themselves up against Jesus Christ in the great showdown at Armageddon. They will be there lined up with all their minions who sold their soul to temporal powers.

The human tendency throughout our history is to make more laws. This is our effort to defeat sin through human ingenuity. It doesn’t work. We should stop thinking it does.

3 thoughts on “The Bible and Big Government”

  1. HI Jeff, while a agree with the main principle you are sharing, that human laws and government can’t change sinful human nature, I have to take issue with “Gun control will not stop murder”, because statistics show otherwise.

    Of course gun control won’t stop all murder – not even all gun murders, but the result of the insane prevalence and easy access to guns in the US speaks for itself when comparisons are made between the USA and similar nations where those other nations have far stricter gun controls.

    To expand on a common saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”:

    Guns don’t kill people, but they make it a whole lot easier for people to kill a whole lot of people at one time.

    For a visual comparison see:

    And then try to assure anyone that gun control doesn’t stop murder.

  2. I grant the point. Undoubtedly, if we outlawed abortion there would be less abortion as well. My point wasn’t the amount, my point was the solution to eliminate the whole problem of evil.

    America was founded on freedom, we are armed to resist dictatorial governments and violent enemies. Freedom comes with risk.

    America’s “greatness” is there for the same reasons its evils are there. Freedom can either be used for good or evil. When used for good; it’s really good. When used for evil; it’s really evil. America, more than other countries (at least historically) needed the Gospel because of the freedoms we have. The stronger the government; the weaker the Gospel. China, North Korea, Communist Russia, etc all show that.

    I do not know which comes first, I just know it goes together.

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