Limited Atonement and Loving Your Enemies

If Limited Atonement (Christ only died for the elect) is true, then God does not love His enemies.

When God tells us to love our enemies, He is asking us to do something more than He did. He’s calling us to a higher morality than His own.

If we did love our enemies, our love and morality would be of a nobler quality, thus making us better than God.

You either conclude that, or you conclude that Limited Atonement is in error and God is calling us to be like Him, who loved His enemies and laid down His life for them.

2 thoughts on “Limited Atonement and Loving Your Enemies”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    You could look at it that way or you could pull a Calvinist style slight of hand and claim that the Lord didn’t command us to love all of our enemies. Just like God the Father did not, and does not, love the WHOLE “world so he gave his only begotten Son” you could say that we are actually commanded to love our enemies who God predestined in eternity past to be one of the elect. Of course that completely goes against what the Lord taught in the Sermon on the Mount when he spoke against those who say we are to love our friends and hate our enemies. I’m sure there’s a way around that too.

    By the way hello!


  2. Hey Glenn,

    Hello to you, too!

    Limited Atonement is the weakest point of Calvinism’s TULIP. Most Calvinists admit that. I think it’s weak on many levels, particularly that of application. I’m sure there’s a justification somewhere, a loophole I am missing. But alas, I’d rather just throw out garbage when I see it!

    I also think this is why Calvinism struggles with their reputation as being argumentative jerks. It’s inherent to their system. But then pointing that out makes me an argumentative jerk, so alas, we all lose.

    Oh well!

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