Some Short Observations on Modern “Culture”

–We now live in a time when parents are shooting their kids full of hormones so they can “change genders,” while simultaneously protesting the injection of hormones into cows and chickens served for dinner.

–If it is true that anti-abortion Conservatives “care about babies before they’re born and not after,” then isn’t it also true, by that same logic, that abortion-supporting Liberals kill babies before so they don’t have to care after?

–Parents have taken it upon themselves to be their kids’ friends, not authority figures, not people who make rules and enforce them. It’s all but impossible for a kid to rebel today since society so readily approves of all their trying-to-be-rebellious sin. Since there are no longer any human standards to rebel against, kids are now rebelling against biology.

–The two main arguments atheists use against God are:
1) How can a good God allow so much evil? Why doesn’t God do anything to restrain evil?
2) How come the God of the Old Testament is so angry about evil and judging evil people all the time?
They see no contradiction in these criticisms of God. I do and I’m pretty sure God does too. The point of these arguments is: no matter what God does; people don’t like it.

–Everyone keeps saying they want the truth, no more fake news. What Liberals mean by this is “shut up the Conservatives!” What Conservatives mean by this is “shut up the Liberals.” In the end, neither side wants the truth. Both sides want the other side to shut up so they can control power.

–More and more sins are being chalked up as diseases. C. S. Lewis once pointed out that the more people view sins as diseases; the more our diseases will become sin. We are already suggesting people with handicapped “fetuses” should abort. At what point in our healthcare crisis will we get tired of paying for other people being sick? Sick people are good for nothing, just draining the system. If Lewis is right, it won’t be long before being diseased is viewed as sin.

–How many times have you watched a news report about a tragedy, only to find out later, all that they said was wrong? You should not watch or pay attention to the news. The immediate reporting of news begs for misinformation. History gives context. Even waiting a week will benefit you greatly. Everything needs context to make sense. Wait for context before freaking out.

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  1. Sick people are good for nothing, just draining the system. If Lewis is right, it won’t be long before being diseased is viewed as sin.

    Hi Jeff, one of my personal concerns about the recurring push (in Australia) for the legalisation of some kind of euthanasia, is that something initially promoted as a humane way to remove the suffering of someone afflicted with a painful and terminal disease, is only a few steps away from euthanizing those who are seen to be a burden on society, such as the handicapped. And then a few steps later it could move on to the aged.

    Over the past year I’ve seen a growing “generational war” being provoked (again in Australia) where my generation are being blamed for hardships being suffered by younger generations. We are also being warned that the “aging population” will lead to increased economic strain on health and other welfare systems. How long before aging beyond a certain point becomes viewed as a “sin” and the problem is legally dealt with via “humane” termination of those suffering from it? (Shades of “Logan’s Run”?)

    When viewing conditions in the current world, I often recall Romans 1 – a section of scripture describing what happens when people reject God. There is quite a list,: the increasing prevalence of homosexuality (and societal acceptance of it) and a society:

    ..filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful

    I am now starting to see that “disobedient to parents” could also include the general disdain for older generations that seems to be increasing in my own country today (if not elsewhere in western society).

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