Miracles and Science

The Big Bang and Evolution try to explain how we got here by a random process of mutation. There is no design and there is no purpose. Just nature randomly mutating.

If our world got here by random chance mutation, one would expect randomness to occur all the time. If randomness is the norm, how do scientific laws fit in?

According to the scientific method, a scientific law is reproducible and can be tested and verified in the lab. Whenever A is added to B you get C. Every time. No matter what. Which is not random.

Science tells us to only trust fixed behavior, like evolution, which is entirely random.

One of the main criticisms evolutionary atheists have about the Bible are the miracles. You can’t turn water into wine. You can’t walk on water. Dead guys don’t come alive. Miracles are too random, not normative, thus are not possible. Only a moron would think random acts such as miracles could occur.

Here’s the thing though: dead guys don’t come alive again, water does not turn into wine. and walking on water is not normal, that’s what makes it a miracle.

But the evolutionist believes our living bodies and water got here by completely random, out of the ordinary acts.

I remain baffled and confused by the logic at work. What is more of a miracle: that a guy walked on water, or that a guy and water got here by random mutation?

Evolutionists have more of a belief in miracles than even the Bible calls for!

2 thoughts on “Miracles and Science”

  1. Interesting isn’t it?

    “Dead guys don’t come alive”, but inanimate matter somehow DID, at some time come alive by itself if God is removed from the “creation” equation.

    All GENUINE miracles start with God. Whether that is the miracle of original creation or the bringing back to life of a “dead guy”.

    Removing God doesn’t really remove the reality of miracles – it just removes the likelihood, the power and the logic of them.

  2. Well said.

    It seems science would be more open to random strange events as well since random strange events is the core of their system.

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