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  1. I don’t think it’s that simple to assume the “woman” represents the whole Jewish body at Christ’s time. The reason I say this is because the “dragon” (Satan) tried to devour the man-child, and to do that, he also worked through Jews.

    Initially, the slaying of the children of Bethlehem was the first attempt to devour Christ. One could argue that Herod was an Edomite, and this was more of a political move on his part, and therefore not of the Jews. But what about the crucifixion? That was instigated by the leaders of the Jewish body, and most of the people went along with it.

    So that would also make the dragon equal the Jews, or at least the agent Satan uses to accomplish his purposes. It doesn’t make sense to have the woman and the dragon representing the same thing.

    Is it not more reasonable to interpret the woman as “the faithful”? It was faithful souls like Mary and Joseph who gave Jesus a home in which to grow. It was faithful souls like Elizabeth and Zacharias whom God could use to train the forerunner, John the Baptist. Then there was Anna, Simeon, the apostles, and all those who supported the truth.

    These are the “true” woman, and they are the “salt” that preserves any group whom God has called. Once they are persecuted out of that body, then the spiritual heritage goes out with them, and what is left of the old is at best “a widow, or harlot”. This has happened a number of times in history (Abraham leaving his kindred, the Christians leaving the Jewish body, Protestants leaving Catholicism, etc.).

    While God usually works with visible bodies, the faithful are the ones who inherit the promises. “Without faith, it is impossible to please Him.” “In Isaac, shall thy seed be called.”

  2. This is true, but to assume this means God is no longer dealing with Israel is taking a point and blowing it way out of proportion. God made a covenant with Israel and He will keep it to Israel. If He doesn’t, then God is a liar and He is slack concerning His promises. Furthermore, you can have no assurance that He will keep His promises to you then, what if He supersedes His promises to you and drops you for another group? When the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, God will restore Israel and give them their covenant promises. Romans 9-11.

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