Your Faith Should Believe Things You Don’t Like or Understand

The Bible, by its own admission, contains many things hard to be understood. This is a good thing.

The Bible, after all, is about the infinite God. One would expect to run into some things that would be hard to understand. I would worry about a Bible that read like Louis L’Amour.

The Bible also contains things that are easy to understand, but still hard to deal with: God’s Judgment. Divorce. Remarriage. Covetousness. Anger.

I would label these issues as fairly straightforward in the Bible, not too difficult to discern what they mean. Yet their straightforwardness does not in any means diminish the difficulties in their application.

If you are a person who “believes the Bible,” you should then believe things that cause you problems. You should believe things that make life harder. Beliefs that are difficult for you to explain, difficult to apply, and difficult to be consistent with.

It is my opinion that if your faith does not include things you don’t like, you’re doing it wrong.

People who have a simple faith that causes them no problems, difficulties, inconsistencies, or struggle, are people who are believing their own opinions rather than God.

Some might contend that spiritual maturity would do away with our difficulties. To an extent it may lessen some. But in my experience, as well as listening to the experiences of others, the more you know about the Bible, the more questions you get.

You can invent your own God that you are comfortable with. You can edit God’s Word and justify all the verses out of it that you don’t like. You can do this.

I don’t think things will turn out well for you, but you can do it.

If your faith is just peace, joy, and comfort to you all the time, you might want to reread the Book. A faith that is too pleasant is a faith that smacks of insincerity.

The Bible deals with large issues from God’s perspective. It is not human wisdom. Therefore, you can expect it to rile your human mind from time to time.

Yes, the Spirit can teach you and decrease your angst in many areas. But all the great men of faith had confusions about God and what He was doing.

Job was confused.
David was beside himself when God struck Uzzah.
Elijah wanted to die.
Moses struggled the whole time.
Jesus Himself wanted His cup to pass.

All these men had faith. They all knew what God said and did, yet they all had problems processing it. This is not unusual. In fact, I’d dare say it’s what faith consists of–doing what God says whether you fully understand it or not. Whether you think you can do it or not. Whether it makes any sense or not.

Faith isn’t easy; that’s why most people don’t do it.

The Bible isn’t an easy book to read; that’s why most don’t read it.

Make sure your faith includes tough stuff for you to grasp. If it doesn’t, you might just be clinging to your imagination rather than God.