Can a Christian Work in Sales? Part 2

Yesterday I asked whether Christians could work in sales.

My point was not to get people to quit sales. You won’t get very far in life without buying stuff, which means someone has to sell it. As with many things you won’t get far in life not doing, often we never stop to think about what it is we’re doing.

The Bible repeatedly talks about the dangers of money and covetousness. This leads me to think we should be careful in getting people to spend money, especially since the Bible also warns about causing your brother to stumble.

Any profession can be abused. Sales certainly can be abused. I have seen it. I have talked to many believers in sales who shared their struggle with it, and I empathize with them. I also know others who did it their entire life and seemed to do it with integrity.

I’ve met and heard about plenty of scummy pastors. I could dare ask the question: Can a true Christian be pastor of a church belonging to (place denominational name here)? I’m not feeling jerkish enough to be any more specific with that question.

It must be admitted that in sales, there is personality involved. I have always been a person who does not want to talk to strangers. Being a cross-eyed, blind guy will do that to you.

My aversion to sales has more to do with shyness than anything spiritual. Others can sell their entire inventory merely by burping in public.

Mundane details of life, like work and buying groceries, can be a source of sin. The Bible warns more about coveting than it does homosexuality. This doesn’t mean homosexuality is no big deal; it means that covetousness is a really big deal, in that it effects more people more often.

Every trip to the store, every viewing of a commercial, every observation of what others have, are potential pitfalls. We do these things so often, we rarely consider their dangers.

I’m not Mr. Immune over here either.

Christians are supposed to be separate from the world. We’re supposed to have the mind of Christ, not being conformed to this world. This has to lead to different choices, and ultimately different lifestyles.

Can a Christian work in sales? Yes they can, even if I can’t, but they need to be aware of the dangers. The Bible says stuff about sales, which obviously implies sales is something a Bible-believer can do.

We’re told not to use unjust weights. Israel was commanded not to charge interest to fellow Jews. They had rules about not ripping people off due to the coming Sabbath year. They were told not to sell food at a profit to the poor.

For a Christian to be in sales, I believe they must have faith in their product, that it is good, worth the price, and something that is helpful. If they need to lie to make a sale, something is off.

Covetousness is a huge deal in God’s eyes; He equates it with idolatry. That being the case, any Christian salesman must avoid the coveting angle.

So, think it over. If you need more help thinking over the issue of money, I wrote a book on it! It’s for sale on Amazon for the price of printing, since I hate sales so much I couldn’t bring myself to charge any money for it.

So, there you go: can a Christian sell stuff? I just tried. Now I will go repent in dust and ashes.