Blamires on The Church’s Hardest Task

“Here is perhaps one of the church’s hardest tasks in the pseudo-Christian climate of our country today. It has to deal with people who are quite ready to admit that there may be a God, but who have never felt the slightest impulse to abase themselves before Him.

“There are men and women who feel positively virtuous in having mentally allowed for a God in the scheme of things. One may well ask how the church can stir them to that sense of dependence, creatureliness, gratitude, and unworthiness without which, christianly considered, their pretense to reckon with God is a mockery–a living rebellion.

“For the Christian God is something much more than the author of the answer-book to that volume of problems we call ‘The Mystery of Life.’ God is not the bolsterer of our human wisdom, the buttress of our self-sufficiency.

“He is the despoiler of our human self-reliance.

“His Name does not head the list of contributors to the fund for extending our empire of mastery, rather His Signature seals the death-warrant of our egotism.”
–Harry Blamires