Comfortable With Uncertainty

There are many things in life I do not know. There are many things in life you do not know. There are many things in life no one knows.

You would never guess this by listening to people!

Everyone knows everything. The younger you are, the more certain of your all-knowingness you seem to be. “I know” flops out of every kid’s mouth when you tell them how to do something.

We are drawn to certainty. We want to prove things, have no questions, no hesitations, no reservations. We want to speak with authority.

When people heard Jesus, the Son of God, speak, they were amazed because he “taught them as one having authority.” He was not like their normal teachers. People ate this up. Except their teachers, of course!

We all want to be in the shoes of Jesus. We want to know all and speak like we know it all. We crave that power and authority over others. Bow before your master! Sit at my feet and learn of me, for I am awesomeness personified!

The modern atheism/scientism crowd falls for this just as religious folk do. The stated reason most turn to scientism is because it deals with facts, provable, testable conclusions that are right. It feels so secure, so sound, so authoritative. It is amusing that they become what they reportedly despise–religious fundamentalists!

Certainly science can lend a hand in finding truth, any rational human being would admit this. What science has accomplished over the years is stunning, most of it was only possible because of discovering facts and laws. You reading this on a screen right now is a mind-blowing conglomeration of scientific discovery.

At the same time, science can’t answer all questions. Science has a hard time telling us the weather sometimes. Whether eggs are good for you or not. How to cure cancer. Whether you should stretch before or after working out. Science has changed its mind on how old the earth is many, many times.

Adherents to the modern atheism/scientism are religious fundamentalists extraordinaire.

Religious fundamentalists are people who know the truth. They are the authority. Bow, or else! Whether this fundamentalism is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist, it’s very angry. It’s angry because it can’t figure out why you don’t agree with them! They are so certain, so convinced of their own infallibility, it boggles their mind why you are not equally enamored with their awesomeness!

Can science prove facts that are irrefutable? Yes.

Can Christianity have irrefutable truths? Yes.

Can science explain all things? No.

Can Christianity explain all things? No.

Deal with it!

You can’t know everything. You can’t. The Bible tells us that God knows everything. You are not God. Faith is the word that bridges this gap.

I know I don’t know all things. I believe that God knows all things. Therefore, I listen to Him. I make sure I follow what it is I know from Him. I also rest confidently that if He didn’t say anything about it, I’m not going to worry about it.

He didn’t want me to know all the answers. Faith is the process of becoming cool with that.

You don’t know everything. If you did, you’d be impossible to live with (remember what they did to Christ who did know all things!). Humility, trust, faith. These are large words in Christianity. They are large for a reason. Keep them large. God is the one who knows all things. Keep Him as God.

Confidently listen to The One who knows all. He knows what He’s doing. You don’t!

The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.

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