One thought on “Sermon: Revelation 4 and 5”

  1. I appreciated the thought that it was Christ’s meekness and humility (even unto death) that made Him great in heaven.

    I thought the four living creatures (lion, ox, eagle, man) were parallel to the four standards (Numbers 2 & 10) under which the tribes were grouped (north, south, east and west around the tabernacle). They are not named in Numbers, but Ezekiel’s description of the four living creatures matches that of Revelation (lion, ox, eagle, man).

    These “living creatures” then are the heavenly counterpart of the OT “tribes”, whereas the “elders” are the counterpart of the OT “priests”. All the redeemed are qualified to be priests however, as all are “sons” of the High Priest, Christ. And in their praise in Rev. 5, they (both elders and creatures) proclaim “You have made us kings and priests” (vs. 10).

    So the picture is that the church in heaven (those who have been redeemed from earth to heaven) stands closer to Christ than the angels. They are intimately associated with Christ in His work, especially for the church on earth. Whereas man was originally made “a little lower” than the angels, through redemption he is qualified to sit higher. Although, getting back to the original thought, that simply means to be a greater servant.

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