Pastor Says Polygamy is a Christian Lifestyle

Apparently we have too many churches. This is the only explanation for why the church stoops as low as it does to hire guys as pastors.

A 60-year-old Ohio mob enforcer-turned-pastor married his teenage bride and got her pregnant, all with the blessing of the other lady in his life — his 44-year-old wife.

Thom Miller is a pastor in Mansfield, Ohio. Apparently his church is not too keen on his marriage situation. Good for them. “Pastor” Miller is apparently very keen on his marriage situation.

“I don’t preach about polygamy, but I feel it’s a very Christian lifestyle,” he said. “This is America and my wives and I have a right to live any way we please, providing we’re not hurting anybody.”

Yes, exercising a right to “live any way we please” is certainly the bedrock of a Christian lifestyle.

No word as to whether he is still employed by his church. One would think randomly picking a guy off the street would lead to getting a better pastor than this guy.

Are there polygamist marriages in the Bible? Yes there are, and God wasn’t happy with any of them. You don’t find any in the New Testament, incidentally. You also find a verse saying that one of the qualifications of a pastor is that they be “the husband of one wife.” A-hem.


One thought on “Pastor Says Polygamy is a Christian Lifestyle”

  1. >”the husband of one wife”

    It’s probably just an error in translating the Greek to English. It should read…”the husband of wife one”. He’s “the husband of wife one”, and also “the husband of wife two”! (this is a joke, of course!).

    But getting back to your Revelation series…here’s the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes in full swing. “I’m saved by grace, so I can do anything I want.”…or as this pastor would probably state it: “love fulfills the Law”. “I love both my wives, so I’m fulfilling the Law!”

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