Why God Is Not Using You In A “Mighty Way” Part 2

Yesterday I said God isn’t using you in a mighty way because God uses very few people in a mighty way. My definition of “mighty way” was–impressive to man/measurable success.

I imagine yesterday’s post was enjoyable to those who just want to do their own thing and don’t need any of that God stuff guilting them. “It’s good to be a worthless Christian, amen!”

God does use people, maybe not in a mighty way that will be seen and adored by thousands of fans, but He does use people. Furthermore, His people should always have a desire to be of more use.

One reason I know what books about being used by God say, is because I read them. I read them because I have a desire to be used by God more. Unfortunately, they all focus on outward success, noticeable, attention grabbing, out in front, flashy ways of being used that can be achieved by following steps that are nowhere listed in the Bible.

When the Bible speaks of being used by God, it has more to do with humble service that often has a cost, and necessitates a vital understanding of you being crucified with Christ.

In that case, the main reason why God is not using you in this way is because you don’t want Him to.

I shall quote the Great Apostle Paul,

If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.

Ah yes, perhaps your sin is keeping you from being used.

Although I don’t like being told God will change the world through me if I do some author’s cutely contrived list of things, it is still biblically true that there are things we can do to be used by God.

Those things are succinctly summed up thusly:


Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

This is the next verse after the one quoted above. Faith, love, and peace. Walk in those. Sin doesn’t fit with that.

Many Christians have no desire to be used by God because sin is alluring. Following God doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t pay well, it hurts, it gets in the way of our plans. It does many things we don’t value. That being the case, why bother getting rid of the flesh’s fun stuff?

Church History has many examples of people who cut ties with the world, gave up wealth, family, opportunities, and other worldly enticements to go serve. In order to be of use, you have to be willing to serve. In order to serve, you have to be willing to kill off what your flesh wants.

We need more Christians who want to be used by God. Not just in word, not just to buy books that talk about being used. But people who are willing to sacrifice, to cleanse themselves, to be identified with Christ, and follow Him.

When this happens, God will use you. You may get a book deal, a following, and bigger opportunities. Getting those things is not necessarily a sign you are doing things wrong (although I would be skeptical). But if those things are why you want to be “used” by God, then I’d suggest you go back to the wilderness.

Then again, you may not get recognition, praise, followers, or anything else good. You might, in fact, just get trouble and persecution. This is, in fact, the normal experience of believers through the years. It’s what you should expect.

But we serve a God who sees all things and rewards those who seek Him. The reward may not be until heaven, but there will be reward. Simply knowing you were of use to the Creator of the Universe is reward in itself.

I hope you do have a desire to be used by God more. I also hope you have a desire to put off sin and conquer the lusts of your flesh. Your flesh will fight you the whole way. Is it worth it? If not, get a bigger and better view of who God is.

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