Man Killed By Pastor for Trying to Leave Church

The pastor of an insular New York church where a young man was beaten to death and his younger brother seriously injured was among seven people charged Tuesday with murder.

The pastor, along with his mom and two brothers who were also leaders in the church, beat to death a guy during “spiritual counseling” he was getting for wanting to leave their Word of Life Christian Church.

The victim’s brother was also beaten, but he survived. The session he “estimated was six or more hours, the teen said he was pummeled with fists and whipped with a 4-foot, folded electrical cord on the back and elsewhere, suffering injuries to his torso and genitals.”

I have been aware of several churches in my life that had brothers as leaders. In each case they were legalistic and abusive churches. This is anecdotal evidence, of course, but still, there seems to be a remarkable consistency.

If you have to beat people to keep them from leaving your church, it’s a good indicator your church is worth leaving.


One thought on “Man Killed By Pastor for Trying to Leave Church”

  1. It sounds pretty wild. But can we really trust the rumors that have been posted on the media?

    Something happened, for sure. But what it was, and who was involved, and what actually happened are all up in the air, as all we have are a few second-hand details, possibly blown up to sell newspapers.

    I wouldn’t “sit in the seat of the scornful” until I knew more. If we want to judge this matter, we need at least 2 or 3 first-hand witnesses.

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