Why God Isn’t Using You In A “Mighty Way”

Most Christians have a desire to be used by God in a “mighty way.” We look upon Elijah, Moses, Daniel, Paul, and others, as people to aspire to.

Then we go about life being, you know, just you. I’m no Paul. I’m no Moses or Daniel. I’m a long way from being Elijah. I’m just Jeff.

Although the Bible tells us to be content in whatever state we are in, I hear many Christians discontent with their less than spectacular Christian life. Maybe we’re missing something?

Hundreds of books have been written to tell you just what it is you are missing! If you only had this MAGIC KEY, you too could be like Moses, Daniel, Elijah, or even Paul! And for only $19.95 I’ll tell you what the MAGIC KEY is!

Simon once asked the apostles if he could pay them to be able to do miracles. If Christian bookstores were around back then, they would have resoundingly said “YES!” Peter said Simon was about one step removed from hell.

But the books keep coming.

You need to be fearless, like Elijah, then God will use you. I recently read. Fearless like Elijah? Like the guy who ran away from Jezebel and hid in the desert? That Elijah?

You need to have an expectancy, like Moses, for God to use you. I recently read. Moses was expecting to be used by God? Really? The guy who, even after he was called, didn’t expect anything to work?

You need to be totally committed to God, like Abraham was, in order to be used by God. I recently read. Like when Abraham completely doubted God’s promise and had a kid on the side, just in case God’s plan didn’t go right?

The books keep coming. The MAGIC KEYS keep being listed. Very little of it has anything to do with the Bible.

If you want to be used by God like Paul, should you not go out and start imprisoning Christians? Most people who God “used” had no expectation, desire, or any manifestation of taking their faith to another level. They were just people, and then God showed up.

I think we hate that idea. We hate that God is in control of this and you might just be a giant schlub your whole life.

When we beg God to “use us,” perhaps what we mean is “I want God to make me famous. I want more blog readers. More followers. More book deals. More invites to speak at huge conferences. More people recognizing what I’m doing for God.”

I think we want the crown without the cross.

Jesus did not call people to change the world, to be leaders of vast multitudes. Jesus called us to die with Him. To renounce self and love our neighbor. Jesus called us to follow Him, not to sell books and have huge followings.

The way of the cross is tough, and often lonely. It’s not as glamorous as being an apostle or a leader of a nation out of slavery. Few were called to these jobs, some blew it, most of them said they’d rather die than keep doing what God called them to do.

Selectively reading the Bible to get MAGIC KEYS for bulking up your self-worth is a bad idea.

We are to be humble servants. We are not to mind high things, but to condescend to men of low estate. That’s tough to do while looking for God to make you an awesome leader of multitudes.

Following Christ. It’s not that exciting. It’s rather mundane and often hurts. Few will notice. But we live for an audience of One. One who suffered and died for you. God despises what man esteems. Don’t worry about being awesome by man’s standards. Be like Christ.

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

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