A Cynical Observation About “Demon Oppression”

A little observation about Christians and demon oppression:

Why is it that the only Christians who find/feel demon oppression are the Christians who believe in demon oppression? Christians that categorize demons as Things Triumphed Over Through The Cross, don’t seem to have any problems with demons whatsoever.

Doesn’t this show that the best way to escape demon oppression is to simply believe it’s not possible?

This seems similar to bleeding statues and images of Christ on toast. These things are only found by those who think bleeding statues and toasty Jesuses have significance. If you don’t look for these things, alas, you do not find them. It’s been a while since a bleeding statue of Mary was found in a Baptist church, eh.

I suppose the answer given by those who believe in demon oppression is that those who don’t believe in demon oppression are oppressed without knowing it. Only those who know the problem can solve it.

I guess that is a possibility. But still, if that’s true, at least not believing in demon oppression makes people capable of functioning free from demon oppression angst. That has to be worth something.

Those who fear demon oppression seem to live in a state of constant turmoil.

Do we create personal turmoil simply because we grant the possibility of these things turmoiling us? If we stopped fearing demon oppression, wouldn’t we be free from the turmoil of demons?

If a Christian is given peace that passes understanding, how can a Christian at the same time believe in something that causes him to live in turmoil?

It’s just something I think about. Wondering your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “A Cynical Observation About “Demon Oppression””

  1. It’s a bit like the UFO thing: the only people who seem to see UFO’s are the ones who believe in them.

    That there is such a thing as “demon oppression” or more commonly, “demon possession” is taught in the Bible, and clearly seen during the ministry of Christ.

    I tried to put myself in the shoes of the evil angels and wondered, why would they want to do something like this?

    First thought is: because they have fun watching humans bash about uncontrollably and scare other people. It’s a bit like how evil-minded men enjoy training animals to fight each other to.

    My second thought is that it is also deceptive. The majority of the people, looking at these few demon-possessed ones, think “well, I am not controlled by demons, I don’t do these things, so I must be okay.”

    Yet they may be just as much a slave of sin, and therefore subject to doing the will of Satan, even though they claim to be a child of God.

    It’s a bit like the problem with criminals in our day. We would look at murderers, rapists, and say, “well, I’m not so bad.” But yet these people in prisons may just be the ones who are too weak to control their evil natures, whereas we, through fear or training, are able to restrain our evil, but in heart, are just the same. And put under pressure, we would do the same things.

    In the end, whether we are a criminal, or a business man, Satan doesn’t care, as long as we acknowledge his ways as the best ones. If a man “loves the things of the world,” then the love of the Father is not in him.

    So in Christ’s day, the leading Jews, who put him to trial and would have Barabbas instead, were definitely demon-possessed. But yet they were not thrashing around senselessly. In fact they were the well-respected leaders.

    I think people always want to see the enemy outside of themselves, so they can avoid dealing with the sin within. A fascination with demon-possession is one way of turning the attention away from my evil heart.

  2. I have a theory about all the demon stuff in the Gospels. Satan copies what God does. Clearly there was an uptick in the amount of miracles in the day of Christ, plus this was God’s “Man” the whole creation was waiting for. While Christ was putting on a show doing miracles, Satan tried to combat it, just like the magicians in the day of Moses.

    Whether this theory is true or not, I have no idea, but it makes sense to me!

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