Bikini Atoll and Why Politicians Quote Scripture

Bikini Atoll was a quiet little island in the Pacific Ocean until America destroyed it with nuclear bomb tests.

What is little known is that people used to live on that island. 167 people lived there in 1946 when the US chose them as their target. Victorian-era missionaries had been through there before, so most of the residents of the island were “Christian.”

When the US showed up to tell them their island was to be toast, Commodore Wyatt gathered them all for a meeting right after church. The US had chosen a new home for them and needed them off of Bikini Atoll.

Wyatt chose Exodus 13:21 as his biblical text for his speech: “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night

“It was under the guidance of God that the United States of America had constructed its own great pillars of fire and smoke, which could and would be used as a weapon if in the future any nation attacked the peoples of God,” was one historian’s summary of Wyatt’s speech. It continued.

“To make sure that such pillars of fire and smoke worked properly in the service of the Lord, it was now necessary to test them. To test them on Bikini. You have been chosen to help America develop something created under God’s guidance for the good of mankind and to end all world wars.”

America then put them on a boat and dropped them off on a smaller, more desolate island where they lived off the dole. Then they destroyed Bikini Atoll.

Without getting into the morality of nuclear weapons, I want to focus on the use of Scripture. This government official knew the people were somewhat familiar with the Bible, so he used that to his own purposes. He quoted Scripture, not for their edification, but to get what he wanted.

There is a special place in hell reserved for people who use Scripture for selfish reasons.

Let this be a warning to all who are familiar with the Bible:

If a government official is quoting Scripture, be 95% sure that he/she is doing so to manipulate you into doing the will of the government.

This appears to be the only time government officials use Scripture in public. Don’t fall for it.

The Bible was written to edify and build up, not to manipulate people into doing your bidding. Be very careful when politicians quote the Bible. Something is up. The Antichrist will have biblical quotes all over his speeches. If I would be around when he speaks, I’d put good money on that.

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  1. It is difficult, though, to imagine what those people on the island could have done, other than stand up in the church and protest the misuse of scripture. They still would have been compelled to leave the island.

    However, looking in hindsight at what Commodore Wyatt preached is most interesting. For now we have a situation where the “pillar of smoke and fire” has been given to muslims, atheists, and hindu’s (probably buddhists too if you count China in that class).

    So if “God” gave it to America, then He must have also given it to the others. Which proves that the “god” that Commodore Wyatt preached about is simply the “god of confusion” or in short, “baal”, and that the people who serve such a god are “babylon”.

  2. You are correct. The people living there had no choice whatsoever and arguing the use of Scripture would benefit them none at all. Their “acceptance” speech was part of some propaganda film the US put out where the chief was obviously not thrilled about the whole thing, but they were powerless to resist.

    That being the case, I think Wyatt would have had more integrity to go in and apologize and then boot them out, than try to put a spiritual spin on it. And, to me, that’s what most politicians are doing when they use Scripture. They’re trying to convince you with the kinder, gentler machine gun hand to get their way.

  3. Well Satan used Scripture to try and trick Jesus in the wilderness of temptation, so it’s a tradition that goes back a long way.

    The sad thing though, Jeff, is that some of people who use Scripture this way actually believe that they are speaking the truth. Ie. Jesus’ words: “the time will come when those who kill you will think they are doing God a service.” In other words, there will be a “scriptural” justification.

    In the end, using God as the reason, is the excuse that carries the most weight. It’s the “big stick” that is pulled out when there is a need for complete cooperation.

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