7 Thoughts About Abortion

There have been some videos about various folk from Planned Parenthood talking about selling baby parts and various other disturbing things. It is revealing. It is not entirely shocking, knowing the mentality of those who support such things.

I have some thoughts on the subject, you are not obligated to agree, but it’s where my thoughts are.

  1. Birth control was the first step to abortion.
    I have sympathy for the stand the Catholic Church has taken against birth control. There’s no way around it: birth control was the first step to our abortion culture. Kids are a huge responsibility and are rather inconvenient. I am grateful for birth control, in all honesty. My wife practically gets pregnant if she bumps into me in the hallway. The reason I have three kids is because I didn’t want four. But all of this is based on convenience and I do not know for sure where God stands on this issue, but I know what it has lead to.
  2. Economics and babies.
    The old take on the situation is that having lots of kids used to be a good thing because they could help work on the farm. But when we got all citified, kids became a liability, not an asset. I have some trouble accepting this view. Seems to me more mouths to feed is a liability no matter when or where. It takes many years before a kid can produce enough to “earn their keep.” This whole mentality, I think, is the real problem. Viewing kids as assets or liabilities is a bad thing. What about the handicapped kids? No way they will be a money making venture. Do we just keep kids that make us money? If your primary view of kids is economic, you are missing something. This economic view of kids has also lead to our abortion culture.
  3. Abortion is not new.
    Abortion and infanticide (killing babies) has been a historical occurrence. The Bible contains people groups who killed their babies. The Roman Empire of the Apostle’s day widely did abortion. The methods they used were absolutely disgusting. Even if abortion were illegal, people would still do it. The primary reason people want to kill kids is economic. Christianity is the only viable option to get people off worldliness. As long as you want the world’s stuff, kids will get in your way.
  4. Spewing vitriol solves little
    I think it is a good thing these videos have come to light. It shows the mentality of the groups who accept abortion. I have no problem with people spreading them. What do we do about it though? The only answer I can think of that would make a difference would be spreading the Gospel. The Gospel delivers people from evil. There is no other answer. Ranting and raving merely makes women considering abortion scared of you. It is better, always, to go do something to help, than it is to just talk. I encourage people to go find a place to help these women in trouble. Give of yourself to a real person, don’t just rest your virtue on how angrily you speak. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.
  5. Government won’t help
    Our government makes lots of money off the abortion crowd. They won’t get rid of it. These scandalous videos will be forgotten. Even if we cut funding to Planned Parenthood, abortions will continue. Changing hearts is the answer, not trusting princes. This is much more vague of a solution, it won’t stir people up. Causes, anger, and physical outcomes (voting, funding, amendments, etc) get people riled up; not slow, methodical, non-angry, sacrificial love. But guess which one the Bible recommends for every problem? The slow, sacrificial method.
  6. Abortion is evil. The world is evil.
    Abortion is inevitable on this planet. I hate to break it to you. Sin happens because sinners are real. And oh, incidentally, there’s lots of sinners. People do bad things. Many people are outraged at abortion and yet have horrendous relationships with their own kids. It’s always best to take evil and be humble. Examine your own heart. If kids are that precious to you, do your kids know this?! Do you act like they are precious? It’s easier to get outraged at someone else who is “worse than you,” than it is for you to do what is right. Watch your own heart.
  7. Babies go to heaven.
    To me, this is an amazing thing. All those aborted lives, in my understanding of Scripture (babies go to heaven), are in heaven. This is far from making abortion a good thing. Abortion is evil. It just is. It is only by muddying logic that it can be represented as good. Since aborted babies are nowhere near the age of accountability, they have had no choice at all, they are innocent. They will be in heaven. Most aborted babies, if born, would not have ended up there. This, again, does not make abortion OK, but it is somewhat consoling.

4 thoughts on “7 Thoughts About Abortion”

  1. I agree that individuals caring for individuals is the only way to make a difference in abortion, but I have the awful vision of my standing before God trying to explain why I didn’t do more. The scene in Schindler’s List where he looks at his car and gold pen weeping because he could have done more comes to mind.

    May God send an individual in my life that I may befriend, that He may work through me to make a difference.

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