Desire the Sincere Milk of the Word

Over my years of writing, my wife has edited much of my stuff. Not the blog, don’t blame bad editing here on my wife. That’s all me.

My wife is an English major. She was known as the “Grammar Queen” at one point in her life. She has told me about Passive Voice ever since first reading something I wrote.

Although I wanted her to fix my errors, I somehow didn’t expect her to find any. When she did, I got annoyed. I didn’t listen to her points about writing in the Active Voice, instead I got mad at her.

“How many things have you gotten published?” was my trump card. I’ve had many things published. She has had none. Ha. Take that grammar know-it-all type person.

I didn’t want to understand what she was saying. I didn’t want correction. Nope, I wanted to be told how perfect my writing already was. Anything other than that I will reject with much animosity.

My writing was bad for a long time simply because I dismissed the instructions and got offended.

God is a giant Editor of your life. He has a way of pointing out error, of telling us what we should be doing, which is never quite what we are doing.

The Bible, written to reprove, correct, and instruct us, has lots of stuff in it that you can be offended by. We are good at being offended. We hear an offensive verse and immediately get huffy and dismiss it.

We have no desire to understand what God meant. We have no desire to know the God behind the command, no desire to hear Him out and see the sense of His words. Instead we find ways to theologically dismiss His commands, just like the scribes and Pharisees trying to crucify Christ in a lawful manner.

As we dismiss His correction we continue to live horrible lives. The world around us is dismissing God’s commands about wives submitting to husbands, children honoring parents, esteeming others better than yourself, self-denial, and so on.

Observing the world proves that dismissing God’s instructions is a bad idea.

Why is the Church following the world? Are we going to get offended too, or will we do the work to understand what God is talking about? If we know that God is good, why do we view so much of what He said as bad?

My writing didn’t get better when I got offended at my editor. Our lives won’t get better if we get offended at our Creator.

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.

Milk of the “word” is interesting. “Word” is the Greek word, logikos. The only other place it’s used in the New Testament is Romans 12:1 and is translated “reasonable.” To desire the sincere milk of the word means to desire to understand, to know the reason, find the rationale of what God says.

Desire to know what God is talking about. As a new born baby, scream your head off until you understand what God is saying. Get the milk of reason. Figure it out. Resist the urge to dismiss something because you are offended. You live by this word. Understand it and understand the Author.

2 thoughts on “Desire the Sincere Milk of the Word”

  1. I get annoyed when “correct english” or “editing” takes the fire out of a piece of writing. It’s possible to so polish and refine (according to worldly ideas) that the sword is blunted. This, I think, is because the world’s way is to “put on a show” and not speak what you feel, lest you offend people and lose advantage.

    According to the worldly ideas, Jesus would have used “great tact” in talking to the woman at the well, and would NEVER have mentioned her previous husbands.

    But in the hands of the Master, even unveiling this unsavory background, in a very direct way, did not cause offense. Instead, it became one of the main evidences this woman had of His divinity: “Come see a man who told me EVERYTHING I ever did…isn’t this the Messiah?!”

    So I think, to a certain extent, you have to carve out your writing the way you see fit…after all, it is your gift, and you have to learn how to use it. But if someone else’s correction can make it even more clear and effective, then welcome the help.

  2. My wife can attest that there are many times I ignored her editing for sake of making a point stronger. My usage of certain words and slang and inventing other words I have adopted as my “style.” My “style” is not grammatical typically! But I do think that many established rules are there to make writing clearer and more effective. One must know the rule before breaking it effectively.

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