8 Results of Being a Judgmental Person

The Bible tells us not to judge people. The type of judgment we’re addressing is a superior, fault-finding kind of judgment that condemns others. The Bible also tells us to be discerning and even tells us to turn people from their sin, so clearly all judgment is not thrown out.

Pride-filled judgment is what the Bible tells us not to do. Judgment that makes you feel superior and makes others inferior is out.

The Bible gives us many reasons not to judge: we ultimately judge the law, it takes over the job of the Lawgiver and Judge, it does not mix with brotherly love, you need to deal with your sin first, who do you think you are? and some other reasons.

The problem with judging is that it does weird things to the judger. Here are a few ramifications of being judgmental.

1) Keeps you dumb
As long as you see yourself as better than others, you will not learn. When people try to correct you, your immediate response will be revulsion. “Who are you to tell me?” Once you have that mindset, you become unteachable.

2) Makes you paranoid
People who judge others are constantly wondering what others are thinking of them. I really don’t know which comes first, but I do know paranoia and judging go together. Since we know what bad things we think about others, Lord knows what they think about us! And since we know they’re all jerks, we know what bad things they think about us! Judgmental people are always wondering what others think of them.

3) Insecurity
Since you know how judgmental you are, you can only assume others are judging you. This makes you insecure. What will others think? becomes your motivation for everything. The more your insecurity ramps up, the more you will ramp up your judgmentalism. You have to work even harder to belittle all the jerks thinking bad things about you!

4) Loneliness
Since you’ve concluded that you are better than others, you will have a hard time finding anyone who deserves to be with you. Your judgmentalism will show itself at some point and people get really tired of it. If you always tell people how dumb their favorite book, movie, food item, etc is, they’ll just stop saying stuff to you. No one likes a judgmental jerk.

5) Lack of charity
Your judgmentalism immediately dismisses anyone’s needs. You know they only have those needs because of their stupidity. Judgmentalism does a great job of excusing your non-helpful attitude. When you see a need, your judgmental brain immediately gives you five reasons they don’t deserve your help. You proceed not having helped, but still feeling good about yourself.

6) Worry
Since you are a lonely, uncharitable, know it all, going through life proving your superiority, you will always fear failure. You will be dreadful of people seeing a crack in your foundation. You fear failing in front of others so much you will stop doing much of anything. You can’t enjoy anything because you’ll be consumed with how reality might shatter your delusion.

7) Lies, lies, lies
You have to keep up the facade. You have to exaggerate everything to keep yourself appearing superior. Your victories are even more victorious. Your defeats can be worked into victories by coming up with excuses. No matter how much you lose, you will find some way to belittle your opponent, or the one who succeeded more than you, to give you the presumptive high ground.

8) Unrestrained sin
When we consume ourselves with other people’s sin, at the same time we give ourselves a pass. Our conscience becomes seared. We’re never responsible for our sin. We’re a victim. We can’t help it. Plus, my sin isn’t as bad as all those sinners over there, get off my back.

The list could go on. But, in my experience, this is what judgmentalism makes you. It’s not pretty. It’s why the Bible tells you to let God, the Lawgiver, the Final Judge, do all that work. He’s perfect. His pride won’t mess with His judgment, nor will His judgment mess with His pride.

If you take on God’s job, your pride will get the best of you one way or another. Stop judging everybody and everything! Lighten up. Let God sort it out.

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