True Christians Are Not Easily Offendable

“Personal experience and feelings aren’t just a salient touchstone of contemporary identity politics; they are the entirety of these politics. In such an environment, it’s no wonder that students are so prone to elevate minor slights to protestable offenses.”

That quote was said by a college professor who says he’s now terrified to challenge his students because they so quickly get offended. Many modern students, when shown something that challenges their beliefs, immediately get huffy, dismiss the new information, and get offended.

Challenging information is too risky for schools to present anymore. Colleges need to make their money, they can’t be ticking off their customers (students) and expect to stay in business. Professors shouldn’t expect to keep their jobs if too many kids get mad at them.

Encouraging debate, analysis, and confronting uncomfortable information is too risky!

When I was in college, I knew everything. There’s something about that late teens/early 20’s range that fills a guy with arrogant assurance. But I also had an insecure complex that continually reminded me of my dorkdom.

That was a life saver!

Human wisdom is not tolerant. Human wisdom comes from humans. If you fault human wisdom, what are you essentially finding fault with? With HUMANS!

Humans like to feel special. We like to imagine we are captaining our own vessel. When my captaincy is called into question, watch out! If my captaincy is in question, then you also must be questioning the direction of my vessel!

When you attack human wisdom you attack humans. When humans get attacked, things get ugly.

God’s wisdom, on the other hand, does not come from humans. When you attack God’s wisdom you are not attacking humans; you are attacking God.

Although this will not work out well for you in the Day when you stand before Him, you can feel like you are getting away with it now. So that’s nice.

When Christians get worked up into tizzies over people attacking God’s wisdom, this shatters our stance. It makes it appear as though this is our wisdom we must defend.

When Christians act like the world, we cease to be salt and light.

James 3 contrasts earthly wisdom with heavenly wisdom. Earthly wisdom leads to jealousy and strife and division. Heavenly wisdom leads to righteousness and peace.

One of the words James uses to describe heavenly wisdom is that it is “easy to be intreated.” I found some cool stuff about that phrase! It means it is “willing to listen, change, and learn, it hears the other side.”

Did you get that? Heavenly wisdom isn’t all hot and bothered, worried it’s going to lose face. Nor does it worry that the world’s wisdom will conquer it. It’s not worried at all. It’s peaceful and calm.

Peaceful, heavenly wisdom can listen to the other side. Heavenly wisdom isn’t afraid of alternative views, because ultimately, heavenly wisdom knows it will triumph. Thus, since it’s secure, it has no reason to be all worked up into fits of anger.

Watch yourself when you are confronted with information you disagree with. Do you immediately have to fight over it? Do you have to correct? Do you feel like “someone has to say something to stand up for the truth!”? Do you feel like you are the last line of defense for God?

When we get worked up, nothing good happens. The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.

Christians should be the calmest members of any bunch. We should be the people who are so confident in our God that we don’t mind when others share their wisdom. When Christians get easily offended, this merely shows they are not working from the basis of God’s wisdom, but have fallen into worldliness.

Of course the world has wrong wisdom. Read the first three chapters of 1 Corinthians. Man’s wisdom is foolishness with God. What’s the answer in 1 Corinthians? Bash the naysayers! Kill the infidel!

Nope. The answer is a simple trust in the Gospel wisdom of Jesus Christ. Continue to present it. Don’t be shocked at opposition. Calmly carry on being salt and light.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: stay calm, Christians. Relax. Stand confidently, yet humbly, on the ground of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “True Christians Are Not Easily Offendable”

  1. I like the thought you expressed here:

    >When Christians get easily offended, this merely shows
    >they are not working from the basis of God’s wisdom, but
    >have fallen into worldliness.

    It reminds me of this scripture:

    Psalm 119:165 – Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

    NOTHING shall offend them. If we are offended, then, we must not “love Thy law”.

    Strangely though, we tend to think it is a great sign of love to God and His law when we are offended by what we deem to be wrong doctrine, teaching, or ideas…

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