Reconciling “Judge Not” With Punching Joel Osteen in the Face

I noticed that earlier this week I had a post about not judging people’s sins followed by a post with a picture of Batman punching Joel Osteen in the face.


If it were on your blog, then yes. But it’s on my blog, so no, no it is not.

Quite honestly, I don’t think it’s a contradiction. “Judge not” is most famously said in Matthew 7 during Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. One of the major points of Matthew 7 is watching out for false teachers.

7:1–don’t judge
7:5–take beam out of your eye before dealing with specks in other people’s eyes
7:6–don’t give holy things to dogs or pearls to swine, which means you must judge who is a dog or a swine.
7:12–what you’d have done to you, do to others
7:15–beware of false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing
7:16–you know false prophets by their fruit, you are indeed a fruit inspector!
7:20–by their fruits you will know them
7:23–many act like believers but are not; Christ ultimately sorts this out

Matthew 7 is a giant warning to the Church. There are false professors among you that will destroy you if you aren’t careful. Christ warns that there are many who think they are saved who are not.

Christ is telling us this so we know why we need to be careful. The Church is a dangerous place!

Wise men build on the rock of Christ and His wisdom. Foolish people don’t listen to His warnings and will be swept away in the flood of false teaching.

Jesus seemed way more concerned about false religious people then He did about sinners sinning in the world. Sinners blatantly sinning are obviously wrong, and thus, not much of a threat.

The true threat to faith is from those who are subtly wrong, those who sound truthyish but in the end twist the truth to ruin souls left and right.

Be careful out there. Get this judging thing right. Judgment begins with yourself, then it goes to the Church, and lastly, if you have any time left over, it goes to the world.