If You Can’t Forgive, You Are In Trouble

Many people sinned yesterday. Were you offended by any of these sins? Did you judge those sinners and thus become one of them?!

Yesterday’s post was about how we will be forgiven by God in accordance with how we forgive others.

Frequently this kind of statement is argued with by saying, “But Paul says we forgive as Christ has already forgiven us.”

This is an attempt to make Paul say different things than Jesus because Jesus, even though He was the Son of God, didn’t quite say everything as He should have.

I reject such nonsense because Paul himself said if anyone does not heed the words of Jesus Christ, that person is proud and knows nothing.

Forgive as Christ forgave you
Forgive others as you would have Christ forgive you

No matter how it’s stated, forgiveness is a huge deal! If you are attempting to get off the hook in forgiveness by saying Paul says it the other way, well, I don’t think it’s having the desired effect.

Remember, shortly after the Lord’s Prayer, “forgive us as we forgive others,” Jesus gave the parable of the man who was forgiven a great debt, but did not show the same forgiveness to the one who borrowed much less from him (he did not forgive as he was already forgiven).

Jesus said it both ways. Does Jesus disagree with Himself? Hardly.

No matter what way you state it (forgive as you would be forgiven or forgive as you are forgiven) it’s the same principle. If you aren’t forgiving, then how can you claim to be forgiving as Christ forgave you?

The bottom line is this: forgive people. Lighten up on them. If you try to squirm out of this obligation, your soul is probably in a bad place.