10 Points On Recent Cultural Events

I guess I’m supposed to say stuff about the Supreme Court and Marriage and Confederate flags and trans-gender and trans-race stuff because I’m a pastor. Here is what I have to say about the state of our culture today.

1) What? The world likes its sin? No way! Get out of here! I’m shocked.

2) In order to get attention people have to do bizarre things. The more bizarre things people do, the harder it is to get attention, which then pushes the bar of what “bizarre” is. We live in a bizarre time where people are practically trampling each other to get attention. The more we get outraged, the more attention they get, which feeds the whole problem. This is why I tend to ignore such ridiculous behavior and carry on being normal (the new “bizarre” pretty soon).

3) Lots of Christians are bemoaning the “loss of our country.” I find this sad. Not sad for losing America; sad for how soon Christians forget their Bible. America is not our country. Read Hebrews 11. They can do whatever they want down here, they can’t mess with my country. The more we fuss about earthly countries, the more we blow our testimony of faith. Chill. This is not our home.

4) Christianity loses on earth. Read Revelation. The world ends in fire after a complete rebellion against God. We lose on this earth. Jesus lost when He was here. He lost for the joy set before Him. We lose too for joy set before us–we inherit the eternal Kingdom of God’s Righteousness.

5) The meek inherit the earth. There’s not much meekness on any side of these issues. There is either arrogant boasting in victory, or self-absorbed bitterness, both of which are filled with pride, anger, vitriol, and spewings of the mouth. Chill. The meek get God’s perfect new earth. The arrogant get this one. Let em have it, the next one’s better.

6) I know I’m going to be told that voting is what I need to do to turn this country around. Hey, people, voting is what got us here! It’s not working. This is what happens when we let majorities rule. Majorities are made up of a majority of sinners. This is not our country. America can die and God’s Kingdom will still live.

7) In the end, according to Revelation, the nations line up against God. Did you get that? The nations line up against God. Yet why do we assume we can save our nation? America will line up against God. Again, we lose here.

8) The Church lost its voice on this issue when we started divorcing left and right. The Church needs to shut up about the world’s sin until we address our own. That whole beam and speck thing. Judgment begins with the house of God.

9) One of the weirdest aspects of modern life is that people are no longer getting in trouble for what they are doing, but people are getting in trouble for what they are saying (more on this tomorrow). This sets things up nicely for the persecution of “Christians,” who do little, but say much (that last line was sarcasm) (Sort of).

10) Bottom line: the more Christians act like stuff going on here is a threat to us, the more we blow our Christian distinctive. Again, this is NOT OUR HOME. We lose. Everything gets burned up. We get the next earth; not this one! The more we freak out, the more we show we have no faith. Let em win. Let em have it. This is the only attitude that will allow you to love. As long as we view them as “stealing our country” that we “need to take back,” love will be gone. Don’t do this Christians. Don’t do this. Our job is to love. Go do that.


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  1. Believers who live according to the truth of the Scriptures can have a purifying effect upon the nation. The trouble is “believers” are living according to the words of false teachers, and many of the false teachers fill the pulpits across America. God bless us.

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