Donald Trump and God

Donald Trump announced he is running for president again. Which is fine, whatever. He at least brings some entertainment value.

The Donald said in his announcement that he “will be the greatest jobs president God ever created.”

See, that’s some good entertainment right there.

Mr. Trump is a Presbyterian.

Mr. Trump also seems to have a superstitious affection for the Bible.

“Trump said fans often send him Bibles and he keeps every one of them “in a very nice place.” “There’s no way I would ever throw anything, to do anything negative to a Bible,” Trump said. “I would have a fear of doing something other than very positive, so actually I store them and keep them and sometimes give them away to other people but I do get sent a lot of Bibles and I like that. I think that’s great.””

Mr. Trump, when asked about his church attendance, said “Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there’s a major occasion,” Trump said in 2012. Then he added: “I’m a Sunday church person.”

So, there you go: Mr. Trump’s Christianity.