My Opinion on Exorcism

Exorcism has always been a fascinating thing for Christian types.

A main factor of Christ’s ministry, as recorded in the Gospels, is Jesus casting out demons. However, most of the time Jesus just said something and the demon was gone. Occasionally He had a brief discussion with them, but for the most part it was pretty easy and calm.

Modern ideas of exorcism are usually very weird. Calmness and power are not on display. Perhaps this is because we don’t have faith like Christ did? “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?” is what one demon said. Maybe that’s where we are?

It’s possible I suppose. But perhaps it has something more to do with the fact that exorcism isn’t really something the Bible tells us to do.

It’s my opinion, and let it be heard that this is my OPINION, demons were putting on a show while Christ was on earth. When Christ and His miracle power left, demons kind of took a break too. Plus the one verse says Christ’s death and resurrection spoiled principalities and powers.

Anyway, the allure of exorcism is the idea that with some words and a ceremony I can totally fix someone’s problems. How sweet is that? Messed up people are cured in about thirty seconds.

Most pastors dream of such power. Trust me, I’ve met some people I’d prefer to exorcise in about thirty seconds than deal with over 7 years.

It’s my opinion that exorcisms are wishful thinking. The New Testament makes it clear that the battle with sin takes time. It’s a battle; not a thirty-second Mike Tyson flop fight.

Could I be completely wrong on this? Sure. Most people’s doctrine of demons is based on experience. People who think they’ve seen an exorcism believe in them and people who haven’t, don’t believe in them.

Experience is a horrible basis for doctrine.

In general, I have a giant question mark over the whole subject of demons and angels, because the Bible kind of leaves a giant question mark over the subject. I prefer to leave the question mark God left there and endeavor to avoid foolishness.