Number of “Sinners” Is Declining

You’ll be happy to know there is a decline of “sinners” in America!

Wow! What great news! This must be evidence of some new revival, a new working of the Spirit!

Actually, it’s not a decline in the bumber of sinners, but a decline in the use of the word “sinner” in Christian song and writing.



The brief analysis concludes that modern Christians don’t like to call anyone a sinner.  It’s much safer to talk about people who have sinned.

“People who have sinned” describes a past act that was done. Sinner is much harsher, describing what a person is. No one wants to be defined by what they do, come on, give us a break.

So, we just stop calling people sinners and instead refer to them as people who make mistakes and suchlike. You can read the entire analysis here.