Avoiding Ticks as Metaphor for Avoiding Sin

The other day I did a job called “tick relocation.” I’ve heard people further south refer to this job as “mowing the lawn.”

There are a ton of ticks out around here every Spring. This Spring is no exception. Ticks carry horrible diseases. They seem to find new diseases weekly.

One of my children had her face paralyzed for a couple of weeks due to a tick bite. They are nothing to mess with.

There are a number of ways to avoid ticks.

1. Spray yourself with nasty smelling chemicals that allegedly keep ticks off. Ticks are usually the last to know that they should avoid these chemicals, however.

2) Wear long pants tucked into your socks, a long-sleeved shirt, a hat with a wide brim, and a neckerchief. Always enjoyable to do while on a walk through the woods on a 90 degree day.

3) Have your kids walk in front of you. There is a reason why my daughter’s face was paralyzed and not mine. Amen.

But perhaps the greatest way to keep ticks off is–never go outside.

Sin and ticks are similar. They are both little things that can have dangerous results. You need to take precautions to avoid both.

Many people think they can avoid sin simply by never going “outside.” If we keep ourselves completely separate from all sinful influence, then sin can never attach itself to us.

But here’s the thing: Even if you never go outside you can still get ticks. If you own a dog that goes outside, or have other people who go outside come into your house, those ticks can come right in your house too.

Sin is even more nefarious. Even if you keep yourself separate from all sinful influences by never leaving your sinless bubble, you have sin inside you.

You can separate from lots of sinful influences (and you should), but you should also remain humble. Sin is not just what others do to you, it’s not just the Hollywood influence and hip-hop music; it’s your heart.

You can separate from lots of things, but you can’t separate from yourself.

Sin must be rooted out. This requires more than physical isolation; it requires re-birth, being made new in Christ, the indwelling Holy Spirit that can help you mortify (kill off) the deeds of the flesh.

The only way you’ll have 100% deliverance from tick-borne diseases is if all ticks were dead. The only way you can have 100% deliverance from sin is if all sin, including sin in you, is put to death.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.