Evangelism Technique #3,426: Don’t Clean Church Walls









“A narrow red stain that has remained for years beneath a painting of a crucified Christ at the Saint John the Evangelist church in Newport, Rhode Island, has led the church’s pastor to speculate on its possible meaning and the presence of Jesus.”

“For myself, I find that in leading the Stations of the Cross … when I get to the 12th Station, I can’t help but contemplate the meaning of the mysterious red mark below it,” Humphrey told the congregation. “I stop, look, pray, and listen. And when I do, what I always hear is, ‘Pay attention. I am here.’ Jesus is here.”

“It’s almost as if God is saying there is something to pay attention to in this church,” Humphrey said.

Oh wow, that last line kills me.

Incidentally, attendance at the church has skyrocketed since Jesus’ blood stain showed up. Which I guess makes sense since there wasn’t anything else to pay attention to in this church previously.

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