2 thoughts on “Sermon: Hebrews 11 part one”

  1. This was refreshing and inspiring. I hope your congregation appreciated it!

    There were different things in different ages that God required His servants to do in order to show their faith. The graces were the same (righteousness, peace, joy, hope, patience, courage, etc), but the vessels differed.

    In Noah’s time it was building the ark.

    In Ezra’s time it was rebuilding Jerusalem and the Temple.

    In John the Baptist’s time it was looking to Jesus as the Lamb of God.

    In Luther’s time it was looking to Christ for forgiveness instead of priests, and following the Bible instead of tradition.

    Do you think there is a special vessel for our time, an “ark to build”?

  2. I think our main responsibility in this age is to grow up into the perfect man Christ Jesus, Romans 12:1,2, etc. That can look different in each believer as the Spirit gifts us differently, but essentially it’s about Christlike character and what that might mean in an individual’s specific context.

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