Hey Church, Fight the Right Enemy

James McPherson is an excellent Civil War historian. He has written volumes on the Civil War.

In his recent book he talks about the arrogant Union General, George McClellan, who completely failed as a general. The more he failed, the more arrogant and mean he got. Here is a snippet of one of his tirades against people ON HIS SIDE.

The Secretary of War, he wrote his wife, was “the most depraved hypocrite & villain” he had ever known. If he “had lived in the time of the Savior, Judas Iscariot would have remained a respected member of the fraternity of Apostles.”

I have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

McPherson goes on to explain that McClellan had more animosity and hatred for other generals and politicians of the Union than he ever expressed toward the actual enemy, the Confederates.

Wow, if that doesn’t sound like church!

McClellan had early success as a leader of troops, which vaulted him quickly into the echelons of power. Immediately this new-found power went to his head, and the jerkness began.

McClellan began to lead troops not to win, but to not fail to maintain his reputation. The more he was criticized for his inaction and losses, the more vile his blame of others became.

Although one of the most despised Civil War Generals by historians, he is a fascinating study in human behavior.

Early success is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. We watch athletes and pop singers hit the big time at a young age, and before long they are bombed out on drugs and committing suicide.

It’s a sad thing. But most of us don’t get that sort of extreme stuff. But we find something out, something no one else knows, some new insight into Jesus and we think we’ve arrived.

We then begin to belittle and bash all those who don’t see things like we do, since we had our big experience and insight.

Knowledge puffs up. Pride and arrogance are our biggest dangers. We ought to fight the true enemy rather than blame fake enemies.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. You are your biggest problem, not anyone else. Fight that fight first. Take the beam out of your eye before worrying about dust in others eyes.