Radical and X-Treme Mundane Faith

Life is filled with feedback when you’re a kid.

You’re either getting grades, awards, recognition for excellence or else getting in trouble. Whether you do good or bad, someone is there to point it out.

In a way, that’s kind of nice. You get the idea that people are paying attention to you, so even if you’re in trouble constantly, you’re at least getting attention!

People want to know what you’re doing, what your favorite subject in school is, what sports or instruments you play. As you grow older it’s about what college you want to go to, what your major is, are you married yet?

Then you hit about 25 years of age and suddenly, you get no feedback at all. You don’t get in trouble by anyone often, nor do you get any praise or rewards. There’s no report card letting you know how you’re doing.

Life can seem pretty dull. Nothing is happening that anyone is paying attention to. What gives? Am I not doing anything anymore?

Maybe, more than likely people just aren’t paying attention anymore.

This gets to people. A “mid-life crisis” is a real thing. Life is just the same dumb thing day after day with no reward. No one asks you what’s going on because they already know what’s going on. Even when we are asked what’s going on, we reply “same old same old.”


Lots of times Christian advice comes in and says, “You need to live radical in Jesus! Restore the grandeur of adventure by stepping out on faith! X-treme faithful radicalness, man!”

Maybe. Perhaps we could use less Candy Crush and more evangelism in our lives.

However, I think we need to be ware of that advice too. Life is vain. Life is mundane and routine. That’s the way it is. Whether your life is exciting or boring, it’s still vain!

Our desire for change and for new isn’t always good. The People of Israel wandered in the Wilderness whining about the same food every day and following the same guy every day. BORING!

Israel wanted Radical X-Treme rather than mundane following God and doing your job.

Life is boring, I don’t mind saying it. Yeah, there are ups and downs that pique our interest from time to time. But most days are just like most other days and that’s fine.

We live for heaven and eternity. That is our hope, our source of joy, our source of wonder. This life is toiling to eat. That’s the Fall that felled us all.

We endure for the joy set before us. Endure. Fight the fight. Run the race with patience. Watch out for the itchiness of mundaneness. Sin often fills that longing.

Do your job. Wake up to righteousness. Give each other some encouragement along the way. Slug away at faith day by day.

You’re doing a good job, and I like your shoes.

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