Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

Crying is the physical manifestation of sadness; laughing is the physical manifestation of happy.

However, in the Bible, the vast majority of the mentions of laughing have to do with laughing at the destruction of others.

Often times, “laugh” in the Bible is followed by scorn, as in “they laughed him to scorn.”

David wonders why the evil laugh at the righteous. God laughs at the plans of the wicked. The righteous will laugh when the evil are punished.

One exception is Sara laughing when the angel tells her she will have a son in her old age. She thought that was a joke.

Laughing in the Bible isn’t about jokes, it’s about seeing bad stuff happen to your enemies.

So, what’s that do for ya?

Does it bug you the Bible is so vindictive to laugh at the downfall of enemies? How does this fit with love?

I personally am not bothered by that. I love the fact my God laughs at wicked people who think they are so superior. I like that the righteous are described as laughing when the evil get their come-upins.

I don’t mind that, but I know others do. Others who are all touchy-feely and about being “fair.” I laugh at you.

What does it do to humor? Should Christians be funny?

One problem with humor is that it easily crosses a line. Every little kid who gets people to laugh will eventually run out of jokes and resort to poop and fart jokes. Happens every time.

Comedy shows and movies always cross the line into innuendo and scatological references.

Humor is dangerous. God does not come across as a funny guy, nor do His apostles and prophets. In fact, Jesus is a man of sorrow acquainted with grief.

Although I don’t think this means humor is out, I do think we should let these facts temper our comedic impulses.

Laughter doesn’t get much air time in the Bible. We are truly amusing ourselves to death. It might be time to sober up a bit.